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Friday, October 31, 2014

part 8: last minute is the new prepared

So it's Halloween! To make yours the most spooktacular bootiful night ever a costume is a must! ...but you don't have one yet because finals/friends/social life/studying... & now you're in a pickle. Don't fret!! These easy but still CUTE/funny costumes will save you in no time!!

Life of the party: what you'll need-

    • life cereal box cut out to only have the front of the box, & then... 
    • Attach to either a sparkly dress/fancy dress. (personally I'd put two holes on either side of the top & string ribbon through to make it hang off my neck) 
    • scissors
    • ribbon/string
Add a boa/fun scarf & silly accessories like beads/party hat/any fun thing really to be the "life of the party" literal & cute.

Britney from her oops i did it again video: what you'll need- 
    • cardigan
    • pleated skirt/flowy skirt
    • white button down 
    • sneakers (vans, keds, converse)
    • scrunchies if you can find some!! 
Literally so easy! This is what I'm being tonight & I didn't buy a thing! I did borrow a white button down so I promise a friend will have one of these things if you don't! Put your hair in braided pigtails, tie the button down above your belly button, & wear some high socks to perfect this look!

Scarecrow: what you'll need-

    • plaid shirt
    • jeans
    • boots
    • brown makeup/black eyeliner 

Make this perfect by adding rosy cheeks & putting stitch like dashes on your face along with a triangle on your nose for the perfect scarecrow face! Google it for easy reference!

Audrey: what you'll need-
    • black sunglasses
    • black dress/black
    • pearls
    • long black gloves if you have time!
Put your hair in a bun & grab a tiara for the perfect added touch!

Earth/sun: what you'll need-
    • blue dress
    • green paper/white paper & green markers
    • safety pins
    • headband
    • yellow paper/white paper & yellow markers
    • scissors
    • tape
Cut out shapes of the continents and safety pin them to the dress. Attach triangle shape pieces to your headband from the yellow paper with tape. & wah-la!! A girl on my hall was this last night & it turned out so cute!! 

"Homeless": what you'll need-
    • flannel
    • v neck
    • dirt
    • shorts
    • shoes
    • cardboard
    • string/ribbon
    • gloves (if you feel like ruining them)
My roommate was this last night.. I thought she was crazy but it honestly was hilarious. Definitely a winner if you wanna get a good laugh out of people. She wrote "Daddy cut me off" on the cardboard which I graciously provided her with hahaha. She cut off the fingers of some old gloves for an added touch & shredded her old vneck! 

Barbie: what you'll need-
    • lots of pink
    • curly blonde hair
    • ken doll
Need I explain more? Pretty basic but easy & cute!

Kendall Jenner: what you'll need-
    • tight white/black dress
    • brown long hair (preferably)
    • high heels
    • gift bag/small bag
    • tape
    • access to a printer
    • scissors
Put on a tight white dress, middle part your hair, print off a cartier logo & tape it to the bag! I tried to make a girl on my hall be this but she declined... lol I think the middle part threw her off! You can always opt out of that of course- Kendall doesn't always wear it like that, it just makes the costume more obvious though!

Wilma from the Flintstones: what you'll need-
    • white dress
    • paper
    • string
    • scissors

String balled up paper balls onto a string using the scissors to make a hole for Wilma's necklace. Put your hair in a bun for an added touch!

Frat Boy: what you'll need-
    • oversized button down
    • boxers (if ya want)
    • sunglasses
    • hat
    • sperrys/wallabees/nikes
Pretty simple!! Lots of girls did this last night & it turned out cute! Some printed out TFM & added it to make it more obvious. A funny addition to make a couples costume is to make your significant other be a sorority girl. All you need is norts & a monogram shirt! A Starbucks cup & a Kate Spade bag would make it perfect! (good luck convincing him though- he's gotta have a sense of humor!) Ask a boy to borrow these items & I promise he will gladly oblige. 

Please don't resort to being minnie mouse or a cat or a minion.... just keep your mind open & stay creative!! Don't freak out! & be sure to ask your friends to borrow items if you don't have them- just make sure to wash & return them promptly & they'll still love you I promise. 

Hope y'all's Halloween is fun! Stay safe! Remember Halloween's all about having a good time. Your costume if gonna be awesome if you have the mindset that it is! 

Best wishes
Xo Dev

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

part 7: hidden (boutique) gems

If you know me you know that I obsess over anything and everything preppy. I absolutely love button downs with a sweater over top and a statement necklace and vest more than anything for my fall and winter wardrobe!! My top boutique sites feature small companies that have great sales, affordable shipping, and different items than a lot of boutiques!

Clothing Boutiques
  • Hazel and Olive- I've ordered the absolute cutest clothes from them! They're less pricey than other store with similar items so definitely check them out! I'm seriously on this site all the time.
  • Lucca Lane- They aslways have the edgiest preppy clothing!! I love that there's a balance between preppy and chic here. They have a small selection but their staff is so so friendly. They've gladly answered all my questions & responded super quick. They have adorable shoes and tops! They also have a great Jcrew esque vest right now that I'm definitely going to invest in. 
  • Page 6- THEY ARE HAVING A HUGE SALE RIGHT NOW!!! I got the cutest printed shorts off of here over the summer. They have a lot of different items in comparison to other online boutiques. The shipping is so fast too!

Specialty Boutiques
  • Shop Konfetti- featuring lilly prints, seersucker, & scallops. Seriously 3 of my favorite things ever!! The owners are super sweet. I ordered lobstah roll print shorts that were a little too tight & they responded and exchanged the item within 3 days!! It was such great service. They're always adding new fun items for the seasonal changes as well. Be sure to follow them on instgram and check out their site! @ShopKonfetti
  • Bauble Bar- I mentioned them before & y'all I cannot express how much I love their stuff!!! The quality is amazing and the prices are so reasonable. Sign up to get their emails & get updated on their sales- they have them all the time! I love my accessories I've gotten from here which is hard for me to normally say considering I make my own jewelry! Also they're packaging is the cutest and they have great customer service. PS THEY'RE HAVING A SALE ON SALE ITEMS RIGHT NOW 20% OFF!! USING CODE "SPOOKY"
  • Kelly & Pavel- featuring laser cut jewelry and accessories. I just ordered a laser cut necklace and I am already SO obsessed. They have great seasonal sales as well! Be sure to check them out.
Best luck shopping! Please let me know of any hidden gems you find in your devotion to being an avid shopaholic. Be sure to enter your email at the top of the right column to be notified whenever I post a new blog post!

Best wishes
Xo Dev

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

part 5: you fancy huh? (tshirt edition)

I swear I have cute clothes & that everyday in high school I looked cute & wore cute things... then you come to college and value 10 minutes of more sleep more than looking cute. & it's acceptable because every girl walks around with an oversized tshirt on & looks like she's wearing no pants even though there's a 100% chance there's norts somewhere under there. Anyways cute tshirts are a must have & I happen to know some hidden & not so hidden gems.

First of all I die over Frat Collection.
Custom frockets..... their stuff is so expensive you feel like you might as well be sacrificing your first born child but they are THE MOST COMFY THINGS EVERRRRR. Get them oversized except for their sweatshirts! I get mediums & then smalls in sweatshirts. I have 5 things from them & am dying for more.

Second love is Lauren James. Yeah yeah she's pricy too but seriously cutest southern belle tshirts. They're the softest thing too! Also her seersucker running shorts.... nothing has ever been cuter.

Third is Jadelynn Brooke. Newfound love! I just love how cute her holiday tshirts are!

Fourth is Southern Fried Cotton. Their shirts last FOREVER. I wear mine constantly & they don't fade! Their also on the cheaper end (money wise not quality wise).

Fifth has got to be krass & co! Sorry I know I said tshirts but their shorts are adorable!! Ok well they have tees but I'm less than impressed with them.

Love Simply Southern as well! If you can find a retailer they're usually 2 for $15 for short sleeve!! Definitely stocked up this summer. They have cute prints and are decent quality. They're adorable designs though!

Insane etsy deal of the century.. 5 for $50 monogram tshirts from The Gift Box of Midnen! Definitely great to stock up here!

Small shirt companies can be found on Etsy that are trying to build up their revenue to go big- aka stock up while they're small companies & not dealing to retailers!!
Here are some great ones: Southern Class Collect, Southern Fox, Southern Necessity, Star Spangled Chic, Shop South Boutique! They have slim options and not a lot of stock but they're still cute!

Best of luck in your search for adorable tshirts! Let me know if y'all have a personal fave that I didn't mention! I tried to keep out big brand names like Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, & Southern Marsh just because I figured y'all already had those down pack!

Best wishes
Xo Dev

Part 4: champagne lifestyle on a beer budget

I guess it always seems like I'm buying clothes. It took about a week for the campus mail workers to know my name. But seriously, it's not all clothes. 99% of the time it's beads or promotional items for my business Devin Ashton Designs. Ok, well I still do get a lot of clothes. But here's how and why and how I make every penny count.


If you know me even slightly you know this is my biggest downfall in life. I consider clothes an investment which isn't necessarily the best way of thinking for my bank account. The thing about me is I research clothing SO much before I buy it. Here's some tricks that I've accumulated over my years of becoming a devoted shopaholic. 
  1. Ebay is your undiscovered love. 90% of all clothes online at that cute boutique's website are listed on ebay from the original manufacturer/wholesale outlet. So what does that mean for you? You're cutting out an extra channel of distribution- aka cheaper. By like A LOT. I got some palazzo pants listed on a boutique site for $55 off of ebay for $20. SAME EXACT ONES. It isn't easy to find the stuff- you have to dig. You have to come up with vague but at the same time specific descriptions of what you're trying to find. & sometimes saving a few bucks isn't worth it, but to me $30 is. I searched "palazzo pants" and went through 20 pages of search results. I found them quickly at the beginning but they were listed by the same boutique so that was less than helpful. The sort by "lowest to highest" can usually be helpful. Ebay is great for getting products for costumes as well... I'm being a gum ball machine for halloween this year & needed a red body con dress.. $7 on ebay. The pom poms for the gum balls? $4 for 160. (priced from $5 for 50 at Michael's). So what I'm saying is avoid going to retail store locations and shopping with BOUTIQUE brands online. Ebay is also a great place to get Lilly Pulitzer WITH TAGS on it. I got a $338 Lilly dress (pictured at bottom) for senior convocation last year for $88 on Ebay- new with tags on it. What happens is that stores that sell Lilly can't sell everything and end up listing on Ebay to avoid loosing what they paid for the dress originally. 
  2. Marshall's is THE greatest. Love. I live here. It also makes you really cheap and you can't believe you ever paid more than $19.99 for a shirt. I scored my senior homecoming dress at Marshall's during a summer sale- it was $20. Priced at the original retailer for $150. (The shoes I wore to homecoming I got at a rack room shoes sale- buy one get one $10. I got black pumps and the pink sequin STEVE MADDEN $120 heels both for $20..... okay seriously probably best deal ever. Also I'm obsessed with Steve Madden but never pay retail it is always on sale and available at Ross, Marshall's, Gabe's, & ESPECIALLY Burlington Coat Factory.) Sorry for the sidebar, good deals make me so excited.
  3. Why would you ever go to a real J. Crew like that concept confuses me. I have lots of J. Crew secrets. Pretty sure it's ever preppy girl's dream... I'll share a few! First of the outlet store has an online site so what the heck... go to it. THEY'RE HAVING A 25% OFF SALE RIGHT NOW. Wait for the outlet to have sales. I just got a quilted vest for $60 during their sale last week. Yeah $60. I know. Anyways, THEY TAKE STUDENT DISCOUNTS IN THE OUTLET STORES AKA ADDITIONAL 10% OFF (but sadly not online). That's right... on top of the sale. If you aren't in college & one of your parent's is a teacher they also do teacher discounts! Bottom line is J. CREW IS AMAZING. The quality and fit of their clothes is unparalleled. & splurge if you want but save when you can. Also, never go on Ebay for J.Crew vests. They only have the sold out ones & they are SO marked up it's insane. I watched the herringbone vest sell on Ebay for $500 on average last year- they restocked this fall (because they aren't stupid it was a best seller and people were willing to pay $500 for it... it's supply and demand) so they restocked it & it was at outlets too. Got it for full price but hey full price is better than $500. So use your head....... by the way the material isn't tweed on the herringbone vest it was actually quite depressing but nonetheless still my favorite fall piece of clothing I own.
  4. If you don't thrift & go goodwilling (yeah that's a verb now) who are you? The hands down best places for flannels. I got a tory burch shirt at goodwill (picture 3) for $4. LL. Bean flannel? $1.50 (literally 10 girls on my hall have already borrowed it & are obsessed.) I also got a legit tennis skirt for $1.50 that has become my go to skirt.. & tons of compliments when I wear it so #winning. Go beyond goodwill! Forage is an awesome thrifting store in Frederickburg. It's a little more pricey but I got an Ella Moss shirt ($150-$180 at Bloomingdale's) for $30. 
  5. Google promo codes. If you are shopping online google promo codes for that specific company. You could get free shipping or 20% off you never know what's going on that you haven't heard about! It's completely legal too so there's that added bonus. Google search ex: "promo codes for forever 21"
  6. If you're military go on base & go to the PX. The don't charge tax so it's nice for big purchases. They have rainbows, victoria secret perfume/makeup, Coach, Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke & so many name brands it's ridiculous. They have an awesome array of jewelry too. Also great for saving money grocery shopping! You need a valid military ID to get on base. Also always ask for military discounts. Ralph Lauren takes 10% off and many other stores do as well. Here's a pretty great list of them. Regal movie theaters gives a discount too! (I've taken full advantage of it). 
  7. Make an email for a new offer. It's simple. For example Tobi gives 50% off for new users... I've already given them my email so I make a new email get my 50% off and then delete it once my order comes in the mail. NOT before because they send confirmation info!
  8. Apps/Websites that save my life.
    • Bauble Bar (cutest jewelry ever)
    • Twice (consignment store app) I actually prefer the website though!
    • RueLaLa (discount app) I've had limited success here but I did score some rare embellished jack rogers once soooo.. you have to be on top of your game to get their stuff & it sells out FAST.
    • Poshmark (resale app aka get the app it's way easier)
    • Vinted (resale app aka get the app it's way easier- I sold both my prom dresses and $700 worth of old clothes on here this summer, Krissy & Sarah both did too! It's super easy.)
    • J. Crew Factory as previously stated
    • Shop goodwill (goodwill has a website for their fancier stuff like lilly & kate spade & tory burch.. let's just say my mom & I are borderline obsessed.. you have to pay a lot in shipping and handling but I got a free people $98 shirt with the tags on it for $15)
    • Online Shoes- they let you pay your shoes over the course of 3-5 months if you want.. aka payment plan for expensive shoes aka my lifeline. I got 20% off my wallabees and am on the 3 month payment plan- it doesn't cost you anything extra either..... that's a game changer. Right now if you spend $80 or more you get 20% off!!!
    • Groupon- (coupon app) if you don't have it get it. PS your mom will love it too!
Here's a list for student discounts with a valid college ID.

So in the end be a smart consumer. Marketing is made to entice you & make you buy. Know that, know the tricks, & research them. After all it's your money. & trust me once it's your money you'll want to know you're getting the best deal possible. 

Best wishes

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Part 3: "so how do you do it?"

I wish I had a pair of shoes for every time someone has asked me so far this year "So how do you do it?" Usually I come up with some BS witty response because otherwise people expect a full explanation & what's a world without sarcasm. Plus, sarcasm really stumps people. So I've finally decided to answer this question- this time with a truthful thought out response.

So sometimes I'm really good at being a full time college student, business woman, friend, daughter, sorority sister, and girlfriend and sometimes I'm not. I'd like to think I have more days where I'm on the ball than days I'm not. I don't really let it bother me- some weeks are harder than others. Weeks where I'm homesick, have 3 tests, & 10 new orders to complete. There's a couple things I do to keep myself in check.

  1. Sleep is your friend. Sleep whenever and wherever you can. If you have a 30 minute break between classes get your butt in gear back to the dorm and take a power nap. 
  2. OVER plan your day. Plan out and budget time. Example of what my agenda looks like daily:
    • 8am-10:45am: class
    • 11am: lunch & econ homework
    • 12pm-1pm: study geology
    • 1pm-3pm: catch up on business emails, social media accounts
    • 3pm-3:45: nap time
    • 4:15pm-6:15pm: class
    • 6:30pm: dinner
    • 7:00pm-11pm: study/homework
    • 11pm-12am: netflix/study break
    • 12am-1am: study/homework
    • 1am: bedtime
  3. Talk to your mom. A lot. My mom is so rational it's great. Sometimes all you need to hear is "It's gonna work out" to get you back on track.
  4. Stay in touch with the people that support you & forget the one's that don't. Don't think it's that vital? Trust me- the last thing you need when you have a chaotic life is people that hold you back.
  5. To do lists and post it notes are the bomb dot com. My entire desk/wall by my desk is completely covered with them. They have saved my life countless times, sometimes I just forget to write things down in my agenda.... which brings me to my next tip...
  6. Write your schedule/stuff to do in MULTIPLE places. I write my stuff in my agenda, on my white board calendar, set reminders on my phone, and use my lists/sticky notes.
  7. Don't forget to take a break. Me time is so essential. I love being social but i also love being independent and on my own. Sometimes you just need a trip to walmart to get groceries to clear your head & sometimes it requires my favorite 4 inch rectangle of plastic and some shopping ventures. 
When all else fails remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Why am I at Clemson? Because it's my dream school. Why am I staying in tonight? Because I want to make the dean's list. Why am I applying for internships already? Because I want to be the best candidate after college when I'm interviewed. Why am I making bangles when it's 1 am and I'm exhausted? Because I love designing and creating things for people to enjoy and love.

I know that giving yourself a pep talk sounds absurd, but I promise you, it'll get you through.

At the end of the day stop being so hard on yourself. Chances are you're squishing way more into your day than humanly possible to complete. So take a breath and prioritize. I've become really good at time management because I didn't have a choice. It was either manage my time or go insane. So when it comes to that point take a second and pull yourself together, remember why you're doing what you're doing and plan ahead. Oh, & go invest in an agenda. I love lilly ones because they come with stickers, horoscopes, and cute prints. Oh & you can get it monogrammed. You can get them here!

Best wishes
xo Dev

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

part 2: "you find your bridesmaids in college" ..... BOO

Most people complain that they left high school with relationships they were glad to leave behind. They had friends that betrayed them and that they would keep in touch with, but overall weren't to concerned with. I don't fit into this group at all.. like even microscopically.

My friends in high school didn't come quick or easy, but I can truly say that in high school I met my bridesmaids. Some have been there since day one, & some are relationships I created in my final year in high school. But looking at them all together- they're all quality. And I think it's particularly important to remember that the quality of your friends is and always will be significantly more important than the quantity. Why? Because have you ever been in a room full of people and still felt alone? That's what I thought.

(let me just note I literally despised high school- every aspect was like a glorified soap opera.. & the day I graduated was the absolute best day of my life. I outgrew my hometown. I was done. But never ever during my 4 years did I wish to leave my friends.. so I'm taking you back to high school. Not for high school's sake, but for my friendships sake.)

Let's go chronologically because that's how our brains work so s/o to biology.

Can we just discuss that freshman year I legitimately had hair extensions.... let's just let that soak in.
So freshman year I left most of the middle school friends I had made because I was rezoned to a different high school. Fortunately, I was reconnected with a friend I had in elementary school- Krissy.
In fourth grade Krissy and I became best friends instantly almost.. because she was new & she was friends with a weird girl so my very selfless 4th grade self decided it was my duty to save her from this catastrophe. So from then after we made paper houses for our teddy bears, she did my hair while we were waiting in class for the bus, & is a friendship even complete without being in the talent show together..? So we went off to different middle schools and found each other in high school again. So I tried out for cheer, we were both on the team together and that was that- instant reconnection. We have moments when I am absolutely certain we were meant to be sisters. Moments where we say and do exactly the same things.... I can't even tell you how many times. My favorite is when she texts me what she's wearing and I reply saying I'm in basically the same things.

Sometimes you just find people you click with. We click.

So I'll develop the story. There have been lots of times I've needed her and lots of times she's needed me and no matter what crazy things are going on in our separate worlds we always make time for each other. High school definitely changed both of us- I can proudly say that we aren't the same people we went into high school as. I've always been opinionated and blunt and she's always been the sweet one thats calm and easygoing.... we balance each other. I tell her things that are as straightforward as they get and she tells me when I'm being irrational. It's important to me to have friends that aren't like me because honestly if I was around someone exactly like me I would probably go insane. The one thing in my life I value more than anything is a person's loyalty. I can honestly say Krissy is on the top of that list. Sometimes you don't even deserve a good friend but they're still there for you..... & thats when you know you've found a good friend.

It's really easy to get sick of people. People are annoying... they're generally (insert four letter words). This summer in particular I got myself into a lot of situations that required a loyal best friend that wouldn't tell me "I told you so" until months after. I honestly don't know how she didn't strangle me after watching me constantly claiming guys were "different this time" and that we were "actually in a good place" looking back I literally don't even know what that means. But she faked a happy smile and listened when things were going well & always supplied ben & jerrys and hour long hugs when they weren't. This summer we didn't hangout much, it was just easier that way. She's in the same state for college which is comforting but she's still 5 hours away. When I went to her house the night before she left for college it was weird to see her closet empty. It was weird to see her bedroom walls stripped down to the bare bones. It was weird saying goodbye to her family, my second family. It was weird thinking we were both going to school, but this time not together. Being there was so strange because I'd been to her house so many times without even thinking about it or it being a big deal- but this was a big deal. I wouldn't be there again until Thanksgiving if not Christmas... who was I supposed to carve pumpkins with? Who would tell me not to blow my money on more shoes? The entire high school year I just didn't think about us actually leaving each other. I thought about leaving but not about leaving without her.

Trust me I know this is more than depressing but it's actually not & here's why:

Krissy & I are still best friends <3 granted it's been 2 months into college but hey it's progress. But to be honest I'm never worried about us- we can handle having a long distance friendship. It's not ideal but if you really care about someone you make time for them. & in college making time for someone is harder than you'd think. We text we snapchat we stalk each other- we're making it through. I'm visiting her for my fall break and I know it'll be like no time has passed. I know in 10 years when I get married she'll be there, she'll be my maid of honor. They say "You find your bridesmaids in college" .. well that may be the case for some but I've already found mine. In college I don't want to find another Krissy- I've already found mine & I think I'll keep her thank you very much. Why would I want someone that only knew me since college to be surrounding me on the big day? It makes logical sense to want the person that's my person, the one that's always been there & the one that always will be. Maybe I sound crazy & you think this is all just because it's 2 months in & I'm homesick but let me just say that if you have the pleasure of ever meeting her you'll understand. & you won't question. (ps questioning me probably isn't the best way to go anyways because hello always right).

So here's to good friends you made in high school & saving the new girl from befriending the weird girl in 4th grade.

Love you twinsey.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

part 1: the low down

So I always thought making a blog would be pretty pointless because what was so cool & different about my life right? But lately I've been learning a lot. Particularly about business, boys, & bangles. Here's a little about each, hope you're not -5 bored. I'm sure this will be generally more interesting if you're trying to procrastinate on some college assignment... it's okay, you deserve a break.

So let's start with business YEE! 
I'm literally running head first into the business world with not much of any idea of what I'm doing particularly at all. All I really know is I love making jewelry & fortunately people love what I design. I never really thought I'd be running a business ever- much less out of my 11x12 dorm room with storage tubs full of beads.. but here I am 2 months in with a business under my tender love & care. If you're out of the loop don't fear- I always am. I created Devin Ashton Designs this summer. I started with some basic bangles and have now expanded to tassel necklaces and beaded bracelets. I still make bangles though no worries. I'm starting to develop my luxe handcrafted jewelry line as I learn more about my products and about my customers. I'm currently in one store in Clemson SC. It's called Razzberry Fizz and just about the cutest thing you'll ever lay eyes on. The ladies in that store liking my jewelry made me realize I really could make a run with this- I really could be successful. So here I am today- reinvesting money into buying bulk stock and making bangles and jewelry in my free time (... and not working out.... I really should start). Anyways, I'm teaching myself literally everything about business. I run, market, create, design, order, promote, and manage everything for my business... it's exhausting and stressful and absolutely worth it. I've had to learn some serious self control though. I get so excited about new products I have to remind myself I'm in college. I'm at my dream school & I need to be able to stay here.... but have no fear I'm fine (school wise). I've finally figured out a decent balance. Regardless I still run around like crazy everyday trying to get things done but if I'm not busy I'm bored so I really can't complain. 

Moving on to boys.
We really don't have to spend much time on the subject at all, there's not much to say. Okay just kidding I have a ton to say but I will condense for my sanity's sake. I think by this point it's important we've all had our hearts broken- that we know that all guys don't have our best interest in mind. I think that's important because I can't imagine coming to college not knowing that. & I walk around everyday and see girls that don't know it. I see girls that I want to tell what their next 3 months will be like with that guy- because I've been with him (not him but someone a lot like him) but we all have to learn that lesson for ourselves. Because you telling someone that guy isn't good for her won't make her want to leave- it'll make her want to stay and convince everyone "he's different." I'd just like to take a sidebar and say that that's my favorite line ever. If you ever catch yourself saying that I promise you he's not. I spent most of high school giving 120% of myself to relationships with guys that couldn't care less, and eventually you learn. You get sick of it. You realize what you're actually worth. You develop a sense of self-respect. And once that happens you wait for the guy that runs after you- not the guy you have to chase after. & who knows, he might just be a lifeguard on a beach. Anyway, take lessons you learn with guys seriously and don't make the same mistake twice. There's lots of "nice guys" with douche bag tendencies. We don't want those. We want the good ones, the southern gentlemen, the ones that bring you seashells for your sandcastle & the ones that your best friends fall in love with, the ones you call with questions about your car, & the ones that you don't freak out about when you introduce them to your parents, the ones that make you wonder why you ever settled for less. 

Lastly bangles. 
Gosh bangles are great. Here's a big S/O to bangles for getting my business going. This one's for you bae. No but seriously, I'm so grateful for bangles and big opportunities. Because sometimes you wake up at 7 am in the middle of july and start a bangle business and make jewelry on your dining room table and meet people in starbucks parking lots to drop off their orders. Sometimes you get that gut feeling and you go for it- and when you look back later you wonder why you hadn't listened to that feeling sooner. But really, bangles have taught me a lot. Particularly about relationships in general. So there's 4 types of people. 
  1. the people that support your bangle business because they care about you
  2. the people that pretend to support your bangle business because they want to copy you
  3. the people that come back into your life after they find out you're doing something cool with bangles
  4. and the people that flat out don't understand bangles... and mistake them too often for "bagels"
Anyways, even when you take bangles out of the equation these 4 types of people are still there. Bangles just highlighted those types of people in my life. So lets start with the #1's. Thanks to all my friends and family. You know who you are. All the girls on the 7th floor of byrnes at clemson for watching me make jewelry, and actually caring when I'm excited about new products. All my closest friends from back home: Krissy, Katie, Sarah, Paige, Courtney, Kat, Ty, Annie. This ones for y'all. & to my parents for being my first investors. These people will always be around & I'm so happy about that. Their support is absolutely everything, they're the ones that are genuinely happy for your success and not threatened or jealous by it.... which let me tell you is rare. So when you find these people hold tight to them and don't ever let them go. Tell them every chance you get that you appreciate them. Please. Because you'll leave for college and miss them and their face to face support more than ever. Ok soooooo #2's ..... kill them with kindness. Handle yourself with grace and composure but don't let them walk all over you. Hold your ground but be respectable and approachable. You don't want enemies- hating people takes too much energy. #3's come with the territory. People are always intrigued by success. Some have better intentions than others- ya just gotta feel the situation out. #4's are usually boys & can you blame them for not knowing what a bangle is??? not really. Love them for being boys or being out of the loop- it happens to the best of us. 

So between business, boys, & bangles my life is pretty full. It's full of great people and great opportunities and everyday I feel like I'm closer to being the person I imagined when I daydreamed senior year nonstop. Take the opportunities and love your friends and family. 

Best wishes