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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

part 1: the low down

So I always thought making a blog would be pretty pointless because what was so cool & different about my life right? But lately I've been learning a lot. Particularly about business, boys, & bangles. Here's a little about each, hope you're not -5 bored. I'm sure this will be generally more interesting if you're trying to procrastinate on some college assignment... it's okay, you deserve a break.

So let's start with business YEE! 
I'm literally running head first into the business world with not much of any idea of what I'm doing particularly at all. All I really know is I love making jewelry & fortunately people love what I design. I never really thought I'd be running a business ever- much less out of my 11x12 dorm room with storage tubs full of beads.. but here I am 2 months in with a business under my tender love & care. If you're out of the loop don't fear- I always am. I created Devin Ashton Designs this summer. I started with some basic bangles and have now expanded to tassel necklaces and beaded bracelets. I still make bangles though no worries. I'm starting to develop my luxe handcrafted jewelry line as I learn more about my products and about my customers. I'm currently in one store in Clemson SC. It's called Razzberry Fizz and just about the cutest thing you'll ever lay eyes on. The ladies in that store liking my jewelry made me realize I really could make a run with this- I really could be successful. So here I am today- reinvesting money into buying bulk stock and making bangles and jewelry in my free time (... and not working out.... I really should start). Anyways, I'm teaching myself literally everything about business. I run, market, create, design, order, promote, and manage everything for my business... it's exhausting and stressful and absolutely worth it. I've had to learn some serious self control though. I get so excited about new products I have to remind myself I'm in college. I'm at my dream school & I need to be able to stay here.... but have no fear I'm fine (school wise). I've finally figured out a decent balance. Regardless I still run around like crazy everyday trying to get things done but if I'm not busy I'm bored so I really can't complain. 

Moving on to boys.
We really don't have to spend much time on the subject at all, there's not much to say. Okay just kidding I have a ton to say but I will condense for my sanity's sake. I think by this point it's important we've all had our hearts broken- that we know that all guys don't have our best interest in mind. I think that's important because I can't imagine coming to college not knowing that. & I walk around everyday and see girls that don't know it. I see girls that I want to tell what their next 3 months will be like with that guy- because I've been with him (not him but someone a lot like him) but we all have to learn that lesson for ourselves. Because you telling someone that guy isn't good for her won't make her want to leave- it'll make her want to stay and convince everyone "he's different." I'd just like to take a sidebar and say that that's my favorite line ever. If you ever catch yourself saying that I promise you he's not. I spent most of high school giving 120% of myself to relationships with guys that couldn't care less, and eventually you learn. You get sick of it. You realize what you're actually worth. You develop a sense of self-respect. And once that happens you wait for the guy that runs after you- not the guy you have to chase after. & who knows, he might just be a lifeguard on a beach. Anyway, take lessons you learn with guys seriously and don't make the same mistake twice. There's lots of "nice guys" with douche bag tendencies. We don't want those. We want the good ones, the southern gentlemen, the ones that bring you seashells for your sandcastle & the ones that your best friends fall in love with, the ones you call with questions about your car, & the ones that you don't freak out about when you introduce them to your parents, the ones that make you wonder why you ever settled for less. 

Lastly bangles. 
Gosh bangles are great. Here's a big S/O to bangles for getting my business going. This one's for you bae. No but seriously, I'm so grateful for bangles and big opportunities. Because sometimes you wake up at 7 am in the middle of july and start a bangle business and make jewelry on your dining room table and meet people in starbucks parking lots to drop off their orders. Sometimes you get that gut feeling and you go for it- and when you look back later you wonder why you hadn't listened to that feeling sooner. But really, bangles have taught me a lot. Particularly about relationships in general. So there's 4 types of people. 
  1. the people that support your bangle business because they care about you
  2. the people that pretend to support your bangle business because they want to copy you
  3. the people that come back into your life after they find out you're doing something cool with bangles
  4. and the people that flat out don't understand bangles... and mistake them too often for "bagels"
Anyways, even when you take bangles out of the equation these 4 types of people are still there. Bangles just highlighted those types of people in my life. So lets start with the #1's. Thanks to all my friends and family. You know who you are. All the girls on the 7th floor of byrnes at clemson for watching me make jewelry, and actually caring when I'm excited about new products. All my closest friends from back home: Krissy, Katie, Sarah, Paige, Courtney, Kat, Ty, Annie. This ones for y'all. & to my parents for being my first investors. These people will always be around & I'm so happy about that. Their support is absolutely everything, they're the ones that are genuinely happy for your success and not threatened or jealous by it.... which let me tell you is rare. So when you find these people hold tight to them and don't ever let them go. Tell them every chance you get that you appreciate them. Please. Because you'll leave for college and miss them and their face to face support more than ever. Ok soooooo #2's ..... kill them with kindness. Handle yourself with grace and composure but don't let them walk all over you. Hold your ground but be respectable and approachable. You don't want enemies- hating people takes too much energy. #3's come with the territory. People are always intrigued by success. Some have better intentions than others- ya just gotta feel the situation out. #4's are usually boys & can you blame them for not knowing what a bangle is??? not really. Love them for being boys or being out of the loop- it happens to the best of us. 

So between business, boys, & bangles my life is pretty full. It's full of great people and great opportunities and everyday I feel like I'm closer to being the person I imagined when I daydreamed senior year nonstop. Take the opportunities and love your friends and family. 

Best wishes

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