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Thursday, October 23, 2014

part 2: "you find your bridesmaids in college" ..... BOO

Most people complain that they left high school with relationships they were glad to leave behind. They had friends that betrayed them and that they would keep in touch with, but overall weren't to concerned with. I don't fit into this group at all.. like even microscopically.

My friends in high school didn't come quick or easy, but I can truly say that in high school I met my bridesmaids. Some have been there since day one, & some are relationships I created in my final year in high school. But looking at them all together- they're all quality. And I think it's particularly important to remember that the quality of your friends is and always will be significantly more important than the quantity. Why? Because have you ever been in a room full of people and still felt alone? That's what I thought.

(let me just note I literally despised high school- every aspect was like a glorified soap opera.. & the day I graduated was the absolute best day of my life. I outgrew my hometown. I was done. But never ever during my 4 years did I wish to leave my friends.. so I'm taking you back to high school. Not for high school's sake, but for my friendships sake.)

Let's go chronologically because that's how our brains work so s/o to biology.

Can we just discuss that freshman year I legitimately had hair extensions.... let's just let that soak in.
So freshman year I left most of the middle school friends I had made because I was rezoned to a different high school. Fortunately, I was reconnected with a friend I had in elementary school- Krissy.
In fourth grade Krissy and I became best friends instantly almost.. because she was new & she was friends with a weird girl so my very selfless 4th grade self decided it was my duty to save her from this catastrophe. So from then after we made paper houses for our teddy bears, she did my hair while we were waiting in class for the bus, & is a friendship even complete without being in the talent show together..? So we went off to different middle schools and found each other in high school again. So I tried out for cheer, we were both on the team together and that was that- instant reconnection. We have moments when I am absolutely certain we were meant to be sisters. Moments where we say and do exactly the same things.... I can't even tell you how many times. My favorite is when she texts me what she's wearing and I reply saying I'm in basically the same things.

Sometimes you just find people you click with. We click.

So I'll develop the story. There have been lots of times I've needed her and lots of times she's needed me and no matter what crazy things are going on in our separate worlds we always make time for each other. High school definitely changed both of us- I can proudly say that we aren't the same people we went into high school as. I've always been opinionated and blunt and she's always been the sweet one thats calm and easygoing.... we balance each other. I tell her things that are as straightforward as they get and she tells me when I'm being irrational. It's important to me to have friends that aren't like me because honestly if I was around someone exactly like me I would probably go insane. The one thing in my life I value more than anything is a person's loyalty. I can honestly say Krissy is on the top of that list. Sometimes you don't even deserve a good friend but they're still there for you..... & thats when you know you've found a good friend.

It's really easy to get sick of people. People are annoying... they're generally (insert four letter words). This summer in particular I got myself into a lot of situations that required a loyal best friend that wouldn't tell me "I told you so" until months after. I honestly don't know how she didn't strangle me after watching me constantly claiming guys were "different this time" and that we were "actually in a good place" looking back I literally don't even know what that means. But she faked a happy smile and listened when things were going well & always supplied ben & jerrys and hour long hugs when they weren't. This summer we didn't hangout much, it was just easier that way. She's in the same state for college which is comforting but she's still 5 hours away. When I went to her house the night before she left for college it was weird to see her closet empty. It was weird to see her bedroom walls stripped down to the bare bones. It was weird saying goodbye to her family, my second family. It was weird thinking we were both going to school, but this time not together. Being there was so strange because I'd been to her house so many times without even thinking about it or it being a big deal- but this was a big deal. I wouldn't be there again until Thanksgiving if not Christmas... who was I supposed to carve pumpkins with? Who would tell me not to blow my money on more shoes? The entire high school year I just didn't think about us actually leaving each other. I thought about leaving but not about leaving without her.

Trust me I know this is more than depressing but it's actually not & here's why:

Krissy & I are still best friends <3 granted it's been 2 months into college but hey it's progress. But to be honest I'm never worried about us- we can handle having a long distance friendship. It's not ideal but if you really care about someone you make time for them. & in college making time for someone is harder than you'd think. We text we snapchat we stalk each other- we're making it through. I'm visiting her for my fall break and I know it'll be like no time has passed. I know in 10 years when I get married she'll be there, she'll be my maid of honor. They say "You find your bridesmaids in college" .. well that may be the case for some but I've already found mine. In college I don't want to find another Krissy- I've already found mine & I think I'll keep her thank you very much. Why would I want someone that only knew me since college to be surrounding me on the big day? It makes logical sense to want the person that's my person, the one that's always been there & the one that always will be. Maybe I sound crazy & you think this is all just because it's 2 months in & I'm homesick but let me just say that if you have the pleasure of ever meeting her you'll understand. & you won't question. (ps questioning me probably isn't the best way to go anyways because hello always right).

So here's to good friends you made in high school & saving the new girl from befriending the weird girl in 4th grade.

Love you twinsey.


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