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Sunday, October 26, 2014

part 5: you fancy huh? (tshirt edition)

I swear I have cute clothes & that everyday in high school I looked cute & wore cute things... then you come to college and value 10 minutes of more sleep more than looking cute. & it's acceptable because every girl walks around with an oversized tshirt on & looks like she's wearing no pants even though there's a 100% chance there's norts somewhere under there. Anyways cute tshirts are a must have & I happen to know some hidden & not so hidden gems.

First of all I die over Frat Collection.
Custom frockets..... their stuff is so expensive you feel like you might as well be sacrificing your first born child but they are THE MOST COMFY THINGS EVERRRRR. Get them oversized except for their sweatshirts! I get mediums & then smalls in sweatshirts. I have 5 things from them & am dying for more.

Second love is Lauren James. Yeah yeah she's pricy too but seriously cutest southern belle tshirts. They're the softest thing too! Also her seersucker running shorts.... nothing has ever been cuter.

Third is Jadelynn Brooke. Newfound love! I just love how cute her holiday tshirts are!

Fourth is Southern Fried Cotton. Their shirts last FOREVER. I wear mine constantly & they don't fade! Their also on the cheaper end (money wise not quality wise).

Fifth has got to be krass & co! Sorry I know I said tshirts but their shorts are adorable!! Ok well they have tees but I'm less than impressed with them.

Love Simply Southern as well! If you can find a retailer they're usually 2 for $15 for short sleeve!! Definitely stocked up this summer. They have cute prints and are decent quality. They're adorable designs though!

Insane etsy deal of the century.. 5 for $50 monogram tshirts from The Gift Box of Midnen! Definitely great to stock up here!

Small shirt companies can be found on Etsy that are trying to build up their revenue to go big- aka stock up while they're small companies & not dealing to retailers!!
Here are some great ones: Southern Class Collect, Southern Fox, Southern Necessity, Star Spangled Chic, Shop South Boutique! They have slim options and not a lot of stock but they're still cute!

Best of luck in your search for adorable tshirts! Let me know if y'all have a personal fave that I didn't mention! I tried to keep out big brand names like Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, & Southern Marsh just because I figured y'all already had those down pack!

Best wishes
Xo Dev

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