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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

part 7: hidden (boutique) gems

If you know me you know that I obsess over anything and everything preppy. I absolutely love button downs with a sweater over top and a statement necklace and vest more than anything for my fall and winter wardrobe!! My top boutique sites feature small companies that have great sales, affordable shipping, and different items than a lot of boutiques!

Clothing Boutiques
  • Hazel and Olive- I've ordered the absolute cutest clothes from them! They're less pricey than other store with similar items so definitely check them out! I'm seriously on this site all the time.
  • Lucca Lane- They aslways have the edgiest preppy clothing!! I love that there's a balance between preppy and chic here. They have a small selection but their staff is so so friendly. They've gladly answered all my questions & responded super quick. They have adorable shoes and tops! They also have a great Jcrew esque vest right now that I'm definitely going to invest in. 
  • Page 6- THEY ARE HAVING A HUGE SALE RIGHT NOW!!! I got the cutest printed shorts off of here over the summer. They have a lot of different items in comparison to other online boutiques. The shipping is so fast too!

Specialty Boutiques
  • Shop Konfetti- featuring lilly prints, seersucker, & scallops. Seriously 3 of my favorite things ever!! The owners are super sweet. I ordered lobstah roll print shorts that were a little too tight & they responded and exchanged the item within 3 days!! It was such great service. They're always adding new fun items for the seasonal changes as well. Be sure to follow them on instgram and check out their site! @ShopKonfetti
  • Bauble Bar- I mentioned them before & y'all I cannot express how much I love their stuff!!! The quality is amazing and the prices are so reasonable. Sign up to get their emails & get updated on their sales- they have them all the time! I love my accessories I've gotten from here which is hard for me to normally say considering I make my own jewelry! Also they're packaging is the cutest and they have great customer service. PS THEY'RE HAVING A SALE ON SALE ITEMS RIGHT NOW 20% OFF!! USING CODE "SPOOKY"
  • Kelly & Pavel- featuring laser cut jewelry and accessories. I just ordered a laser cut necklace and I am already SO obsessed. They have great seasonal sales as well! Be sure to check them out.
Best luck shopping! Please let me know of any hidden gems you find in your devotion to being an avid shopaholic. Be sure to enter your email at the top of the right column to be notified whenever I post a new blog post!

Best wishes
Xo Dev

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