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Friday, October 31, 2014

part 8: last minute is the new prepared

So it's Halloween! To make yours the most spooktacular bootiful night ever a costume is a must! ...but you don't have one yet because finals/friends/social life/studying... & now you're in a pickle. Don't fret!! These easy but still CUTE/funny costumes will save you in no time!!

Life of the party: what you'll need-

    • life cereal box cut out to only have the front of the box, & then... 
    • Attach to either a sparkly dress/fancy dress. (personally I'd put two holes on either side of the top & string ribbon through to make it hang off my neck) 
    • scissors
    • ribbon/string
Add a boa/fun scarf & silly accessories like beads/party hat/any fun thing really to be the "life of the party" literal & cute.

Britney from her oops i did it again video: what you'll need- 
    • cardigan
    • pleated skirt/flowy skirt
    • white button down 
    • sneakers (vans, keds, converse)
    • scrunchies if you can find some!! 
Literally so easy! This is what I'm being tonight & I didn't buy a thing! I did borrow a white button down so I promise a friend will have one of these things if you don't! Put your hair in braided pigtails, tie the button down above your belly button, & wear some high socks to perfect this look!

Scarecrow: what you'll need-

    • plaid shirt
    • jeans
    • boots
    • brown makeup/black eyeliner 

Make this perfect by adding rosy cheeks & putting stitch like dashes on your face along with a triangle on your nose for the perfect scarecrow face! Google it for easy reference!

Audrey: what you'll need-
    • black sunglasses
    • black dress/black
    • pearls
    • long black gloves if you have time!
Put your hair in a bun & grab a tiara for the perfect added touch!

Earth/sun: what you'll need-
    • blue dress
    • green paper/white paper & green markers
    • safety pins
    • headband
    • yellow paper/white paper & yellow markers
    • scissors
    • tape
Cut out shapes of the continents and safety pin them to the dress. Attach triangle shape pieces to your headband from the yellow paper with tape. & wah-la!! A girl on my hall was this last night & it turned out so cute!! 

"Homeless": what you'll need-
    • flannel
    • v neck
    • dirt
    • shorts
    • shoes
    • cardboard
    • string/ribbon
    • gloves (if you feel like ruining them)
My roommate was this last night.. I thought she was crazy but it honestly was hilarious. Definitely a winner if you wanna get a good laugh out of people. She wrote "Daddy cut me off" on the cardboard which I graciously provided her with hahaha. She cut off the fingers of some old gloves for an added touch & shredded her old vneck! 

Barbie: what you'll need-
    • lots of pink
    • curly blonde hair
    • ken doll
Need I explain more? Pretty basic but easy & cute!

Kendall Jenner: what you'll need-
    • tight white/black dress
    • brown long hair (preferably)
    • high heels
    • gift bag/small bag
    • tape
    • access to a printer
    • scissors
Put on a tight white dress, middle part your hair, print off a cartier logo & tape it to the bag! I tried to make a girl on my hall be this but she declined... lol I think the middle part threw her off! You can always opt out of that of course- Kendall doesn't always wear it like that, it just makes the costume more obvious though!

Wilma from the Flintstones: what you'll need-
    • white dress
    • paper
    • string
    • scissors

String balled up paper balls onto a string using the scissors to make a hole for Wilma's necklace. Put your hair in a bun for an added touch!

Frat Boy: what you'll need-
    • oversized button down
    • boxers (if ya want)
    • sunglasses
    • hat
    • sperrys/wallabees/nikes
Pretty simple!! Lots of girls did this last night & it turned out cute! Some printed out TFM & added it to make it more obvious. A funny addition to make a couples costume is to make your significant other be a sorority girl. All you need is norts & a monogram shirt! A Starbucks cup & a Kate Spade bag would make it perfect! (good luck convincing him though- he's gotta have a sense of humor!) Ask a boy to borrow these items & I promise he will gladly oblige. 

Please don't resort to being minnie mouse or a cat or a minion.... just keep your mind open & stay creative!! Don't freak out! & be sure to ask your friends to borrow items if you don't have them- just make sure to wash & return them promptly & they'll still love you I promise. 

Hope y'all's Halloween is fun! Stay safe! Remember Halloween's all about having a good time. Your costume if gonna be awesome if you have the mindset that it is! 

Best wishes
Xo Dev

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