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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Part 3: "so how do you do it?"

I wish I had a pair of shoes for every time someone has asked me so far this year "So how do you do it?" Usually I come up with some BS witty response because otherwise people expect a full explanation & what's a world without sarcasm. Plus, sarcasm really stumps people. So I've finally decided to answer this question- this time with a truthful thought out response.

So sometimes I'm really good at being a full time college student, business woman, friend, daughter, sorority sister, and girlfriend and sometimes I'm not. I'd like to think I have more days where I'm on the ball than days I'm not. I don't really let it bother me- some weeks are harder than others. Weeks where I'm homesick, have 3 tests, & 10 new orders to complete. There's a couple things I do to keep myself in check.

  1. Sleep is your friend. Sleep whenever and wherever you can. If you have a 30 minute break between classes get your butt in gear back to the dorm and take a power nap. 
  2. OVER plan your day. Plan out and budget time. Example of what my agenda looks like daily:
    • 8am-10:45am: class
    • 11am: lunch & econ homework
    • 12pm-1pm: study geology
    • 1pm-3pm: catch up on business emails, social media accounts
    • 3pm-3:45: nap time
    • 4:15pm-6:15pm: class
    • 6:30pm: dinner
    • 7:00pm-11pm: study/homework
    • 11pm-12am: netflix/study break
    • 12am-1am: study/homework
    • 1am: bedtime
  3. Talk to your mom. A lot. My mom is so rational it's great. Sometimes all you need to hear is "It's gonna work out" to get you back on track.
  4. Stay in touch with the people that support you & forget the one's that don't. Don't think it's that vital? Trust me- the last thing you need when you have a chaotic life is people that hold you back.
  5. To do lists and post it notes are the bomb dot com. My entire desk/wall by my desk is completely covered with them. They have saved my life countless times, sometimes I just forget to write things down in my agenda.... which brings me to my next tip...
  6. Write your schedule/stuff to do in MULTIPLE places. I write my stuff in my agenda, on my white board calendar, set reminders on my phone, and use my lists/sticky notes.
  7. Don't forget to take a break. Me time is so essential. I love being social but i also love being independent and on my own. Sometimes you just need a trip to walmart to get groceries to clear your head & sometimes it requires my favorite 4 inch rectangle of plastic and some shopping ventures. 
When all else fails remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing. Why am I at Clemson? Because it's my dream school. Why am I staying in tonight? Because I want to make the dean's list. Why am I applying for internships already? Because I want to be the best candidate after college when I'm interviewed. Why am I making bangles when it's 1 am and I'm exhausted? Because I love designing and creating things for people to enjoy and love.

I know that giving yourself a pep talk sounds absurd, but I promise you, it'll get you through.

At the end of the day stop being so hard on yourself. Chances are you're squishing way more into your day than humanly possible to complete. So take a breath and prioritize. I've become really good at time management because I didn't have a choice. It was either manage my time or go insane. So when it comes to that point take a second and pull yourself together, remember why you're doing what you're doing and plan ahead. Oh, & go invest in an agenda. I love lilly ones because they come with stickers, horoscopes, and cute prints. Oh & you can get it monogrammed. You can get them here!

Best wishes
xo Dev

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