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Monday, November 10, 2014

part 11: 4 stores that will make you anything but basic

We all know the "basic" white girl. I love my leggings and Starbucks and I refuse to give them up anytime soon. However, sometimes you don't want to be a clothes minion of everyone else & when you decide you don't you'll need stores that help you break free of the basic white girl name. These 4 will definitely get ya going!

1. Nasty Gal. Love this store for when I really want to stand out in the crowd. They remind me of edgy prep style. They have preppy pieces with lace and flattering cuts but push the limits at the same time. They can be pricey but they have a lot of sales/price point options based on what you're looking for but they're great quality. They have a decent selection always on sale as well, granted it's off season, but it's an awesome opportunity to stock up on statement pieces. I love how much fun they have picking out their pieces- lots of cutouts, metallics, and neon. Their dresses are my favorite so I included my faves!

My first must have from Nasty Gal is this metallic fit & flare dress. SO perfect for New Years or any holiday party. /It's conservative but show-stopping, what more could you ask for? Priced at $68. Definitely my favorite out of the 3- really considering investing in it for myself/the December lookbook with my winter line.
Second great holiday dress must have is this beauty priced at $98. 

Last must have is this lace gem! I love the keyhole detail & feminine lace. The navy color makes it transition easily form fall to winter. Priced at $88.

2. Topshop- This store is great for finding quality items. Their price reflect the quality of their clothing. Remember- you get what you pay for. Topshop is definitely worth the occasional splurge & boasts everything from feminine lace to leather and plaid combos. They have an inspire me section on the site devoted to giving you outfit ideas as well as a personal shopping service. Yeah, a personal shopping service.
My must have from Topshop is floral cigarette trousers. These could really transform your winter wardrobe! Who said you can't wear floral print in winter? The cream background and wintry print colors makes this pants more than acceptable for winter. They're currently on the site for $70.
My second must have are these awesome sequin shorts. These shorts are perfect for new years eve with a cute blouse, opaque black tights, and heels/booties. You could easily wear them all 4 seasons! They're priced at $68.
My final must have is this awesome gemstone phone case. The details on this little beaut are so impressive & it doesn't break the bank at $32! Definitely getting this babe.

3. Zara- Definitely the most price effective out of the 3. Zara has a more limited collection than the other stores I've featured today but they're still a great option! A lot of style bloggers love Zara because they have great simple staple pieces that can be worn a ton.
My first must have is this extremely popular blanket scarf. It's huge. It's pretty. It's pretty hugely warm. $40 & it's alllllll yours. 
Second must have is this sequined sweater. Normally I HATE sequins on tops when it isn't fully covered in sequins but this little number jus tight convert me. At $60 it's both a staple and statement piece. 
Last must have is this hot red jumpsuit. If you know anything about me you know I'm obsessed with jumpsuits. I own 3 & I am dying to get more. They are the epitome of comfy chic. This $99 beauty is well worth it. 

4. River Island- This site is such a great option for pushing the limits of the statement section of your wardrobe. Their pieces are unique & will surprise you that you are obsessed with them. They have the kind of clothes that if you don't buy them you think about it all night. I love their use of gold accents to make their clothing chic and thought out. They're having a huge sale right now too!

My first must have is this awesome two tone vest. I'm obsessed with vests & this one is absolutely gorgeous! Priced at $90 this vest still falls in the price category of American brands like J.Crew and North Face vests. Did I mention River Island is based in England?? Aka European style aka eurochic.
Second must have is this faux fur pleather jacket. Love this beauty! Not only is it going to be exceptionally warm but you get to be warm in style. That is so rare it's laughable. So s/o to River Island for saving the day! Priced at $130 this jacket is comparable to prices of Patagonia or North Face.
My last must have is this black zipper sweater. The zipper detail is so cute & simple. It transforms what could be a plan black sweater into a stylish staple. Priced at $56. It also comes in burgundy & gray.. I'm obsessed with the color burgundy just saying. 
Ok so this isn't a must have but it is gorgeous and I just love to look at it. Faux fur is currently trending & this bag is the epitome of how to do faux fur right. I'm slightly obsessed.

Just saying- all of their clothing and bags and everything are gorgeous. Just be mindful that european sizing is really different than ours so make BFF's with the size conversion charts!

I hope you enjoyed these great sites. I know that some things might seem a bit pricey but just remember you get what you pay for! & it's so true that when you look good you feel good. Best of luck on being a devoted shopaholic & breaking free from the basic white girl epidemic.



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