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Monday, November 17, 2014

"where'd you even find that?"

So, I often get texts saying "You always know where to get things and what stores have what so where do I get *insert type of clothing* from?" I have to admit, I love being asked this! Over the years I've engrained into my head what type of clothing stores will have and what overlap occurs. I also keep in mine the different price points at each.

That being said I have a couple secrets.. which I'm sharing with you all today!!

  1. Follow a few boutiques on Instagram (if that's your thing)! What happens is boutiques go through each other followers and before you know it a couple other boutiques will follow YOU. Check out their instagrams and compare the price points and items at each. Usually smaller boutiques have better prices because they don't have as high of employee/operating costs. I mean usually the difference is around $5.... so not huge. BUT if you buy 5 shirts with a $5 difference between 2 boutiques that's $25 you're saving.. that's 2 trips to Panera. Or 5 Starbucks excursions when you're up to 2 am writing that comm paper. If you need some good stores to follow check out who I'm following on my personal instagram @devin_ostttttermann I swear I'm following more boutiques than people.... Some good ones to start with are @HazelAndOlive, @ShopKonfetti, @RedDressBoutique,  @MaterialGirlsMS, @ShopRiffRaff, @ShopDaintyHooligan, & @ShopHopes! These are some big name, well known, & extremely popular stores!
  2. Know that boutiques usually have dupe products of expensive brands. EX. You see those Valentino rockstud heels at a steep $995 on Pinterest, you buy their cheaper twin for $40 at Hazel and Olive!! Seriously though they have them RIGHT now! (got some for semi formal this friday!!)
  3. Polyvore. It's a great way to search for specifics. So for example I am currently looking for a pair of gold pants... I have no idea why I just really want some printed preppy gold pants. So, I went on Polyvore and typed in gold pants & found a pair (from my search at Polyvore) that were at J.Crew!! So, it takes the extra step out between wanting something and getting it. Which is pretty awesome considering that step takes the longest.
  4. Don't forget about eBay!! Searching on ebay will also help you get a general idea of the costs and brands associated with that product. It's a great tool to use if you're stumped on what brands carry the product in general or how much it'll cost you to get it. 
  5. Google sucks for searching for clothes. They'll lead you to the stores that have paid the most for advertising. Usually it takes you to some outdated page where the item you want used to be in stock there. It's annoying and frustrating- don't do it. Unless it's brand specific then knock yourself out!
  6. Instead of just pinning the pin, look where it came from. Pinterest has links to websites in captions and sometimes stores themselves pin the images. It'll get you used to what the brand carries & if you like them enough- follow them duhhhhhh!
  7. Patience. You'll get there & your repertoire will widen promise! It's taken me a lonnnng time to recognize brands like I do. Just stay alert and if all else fails ask me! I'm always happy to help with anything fashion related. 
Happy shopping!


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