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Monday, November 24, 2014

the 411 on cyber mon/black fri

Sale is probably my favorite word in the English dictionary. However, sometimes these "sales" aren't as great as you first think... & here's my guide to actually getting a kick ass deal during the RIGHT sales this upcoming weekend! Cyber Monday is only a week away!!

Before the sale-

  • Research current prices. Sometimes stores jack up the original price right before their sale so that they can make it seem like it's a better deal. Ex. A store is offering 40% off during a cyber monday sale. You see a dress earlier in the month online there that is $50. During the cyber monday sale you notice that the original list price of the dress is $70. That's because 40% off of  $50 means the dress would cost $30 versus $42 if the "original" list price is $42. Regardless you're getting it less for what it originally cost... but if it was originally $50 earlier in the month you're truly only getting about 15% off. 
  • Research sales before the stores have them. Refer to my previous blog about how to know what stores have overlapping items and different price points! Stores will have similar sales to remain competitive. 
  • Mentally prepare yourself.. no seriously you'll need to! Part of the insanity of Black Friday is the timing. You're up the entire day before eating, socializing, partying and then all of a sudden you're up all night shopping. You're more inclined to make last minute purchases and buy things you don't need all because it's on "sale"
  • Go through newspaper ads!! This can actually be really fun. My mom & I always do it together and we always have a great time talking about what's on sale and what we should get!
  • Make a LIST and stick to it! Write down things that you actually need BEFORE the sales. That way if you stick with your list you won't go over budget or end up with things you don't need.
  • Make a game plan. Know what stores open when and when you're going where when you're shopping for Black Friday. 
  • For cyber monday prioritize your stores. Have 10 tabs up at 11:59 and refresh them at midnight. Look to see what store has items on sale that you like the most and shop there first. Work backwards from that!! Cyber monday is my favorite because I can multitask and be shopping at multiple stores at once! Opening up a billion tabs is my life just saying.
  • For black friday make sure you form a group! No one should have to face Black Friday by themselves.. & even if you have never been at least try it! You have to at least experience it once!
  • Don't forget that Thanksgiving is actually not about sales and clothes and getting deals before Christmas. Stay in the present on Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family!
During the sale-
  • Compare original prices to sale price "original prices"
  • Do the math. Ex. You see "40% off everything!!" You automatically do the math for 50% off and add back a few dollars.. 40% off is close to 50% off right? WRONG. You'll get sticker shock when you get to the register or see your online shopping cart. Do the math when you see the item and keep a running total on your phone calculator.
  • Don't fall victim to the "well it's on sale so I should get it." Definitely not a good state of mind! I know it's hard, but if you don't absolutely love something you don't need it- even if it's $5 on sale. Go to Starbucks and get a coffee if it's $5 you're missing out on spending! This holds true especially with clothes. This happened to me a lot during high school- I'd buy something because it was on sale. It would fit me "ok" or fit my style '"ok" and it would sit in my closet until I got sick of seeing it and donated it. With that outlook eventually you'll end up with a TON of clothes that you never wear and barely like. A splurge on one thing that you absolutely love is better than spending the same amount of 10 things that you barely like.
After the sale-
  • Address the situation and read return policies.
  • Return items you don't want promptly.
  • If you have to pay to ship something back don't complain about it. Just do it because if you don't send it back it'll just waste space in your closet/storage room etc.
  • Decide what to do differently for next year. Black friday and cyber monday change SO much every year. Note the changes and decide how you could make next year go even better!

People that get the most out of their black friday and cyber monday experiences plan ahead. They research and know what sales are the best and what sales aren't that great. By doing this you'll save yourself time, energy, AND money.. aka 3 of the most valuable things ever. Happy shopping & I hope you find some GREAT deals!!


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