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Thursday, April 30, 2015

What's the rush? Sorority rush 101

Pretty sure I've never heard, "So what do I wear?" more in my life than during rush week. Rush is one of the most exciting and unexplainable experiences you'll go through in college if you do choose to go greek. While clothes aren't everything, you'll want to look presentable and dress the part. Rush is different at every school so make sure to double check, but generally the clothing gets dressier with each round. The most noticeable change in "fanciness" is between rounds 2 and 3. I'd highly suggest wearing wedges/heels after the second round. Some schools give out a universal tshirt that all girls rushing wear their first round to keep things more fair in the rush process. Like I said, it just depends, but this guide should give you a good idea of what each round is like (clothing wise!)

Before going out and dropping HUNDREDS of dollars on new rush outfits really go through your closet first. Is there a pair of heels that are super comfy that you already have? What about your favorite necklace and that fancy Kate Spade bag you got for Christmas? Or your favorite dress you wore to your cousins wedding? Don't think everything has to be new, more importantly it should be YOU. Your outfits should be a direct representation of you and your personal style. You're dressing for your future sisters- you want them to know exactly who you are!

Round one- casual clothing is best. Simple sandals and jewelry to compliment a statement short and casual shirt will do. Also, make sure to bring a big bag to stuff in snacks, extra comfy shoes, and a water bottle!

Round two- still casual, think going out to brunch with your family. Colorful/patterned pieces with a statement piece of jewelry is best. 

Round three- kick it up a notch, think award ceremony/banquet. A nice dress or romper with wedges and statement jewelry is perfect!

Round four- think cocktails with your girlfriends. A pretty dress (with dressy material, like chiffon) is best paired with pretty heels and glitzy jewelry.

Best of luck rushing! I know y'all will end up where you should be!

Check out my polyvore for more outfit inspo throughout the summer + ways to style your fave new trends! <3 

Dev <3 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

bring this not that + college packing 101

I was that girl that went on Pinterest and compared the lists that different people compiled of what to buy for your dorm/college. And I'm here to tell y'all now what I've found to be most useful off of those lists and what things I've never touched. I'm discussing clothes + dorm supplies so if you could care less about the clothes aspect skip down to when I talk about dorm stuff!

First up, clothes. 
My ONE piece of advice that y'all should take to heart is that you do not need every tight formal dress you own, or every pair of heels, or every bathing suit. I brought EVERYTHING I owned clothes wise to college and it's been an absolute PAIN to take things home or get rid of what I don't actually need or wear. I dressed up for the majority of high school and I came to college thinking that I would be the girl that would show up in a full face of makeup, with straightened hair, and a perfectly coordinated outfit to every class. Let me tell you that that lasted for one single day. So what's the reality? You take a shower the night before class, and throw on some leggings and a big tshirt and sleep in what you plan to wear to class. Yeah, okay, occasionally I feel like wearing real clothes and put on some ballet flats with cuffed jeans and a solid colored top. But that's the extent of my wardrobe for class. Yes, Thursday-Saturday if you plan on going out you'll need some decently attractive clothes. But, usually, you'll find that you end up wearing your friends clothes 90% off the time. So here's my comprehensive list of what I've worn, what I haven't, and what I suggest you bring to college clothes wise.

  • Dressy clothing
    • ONE formal/fancy maxi dress- Fraternity/sorority formals are a v fun thing. That being said they don't happen until spring (most of the time) so you have some time to buy one if you don't have one. If you have the honor of going to more than one formal just swap dresses with a friend. You'll probably end up wearing 2 that aren't your own anyways!
    • THREE short/tight homecoming/cocktail dresses- My sorority had 2 semi-formals (which is basically homecoming) so you'll need at least one, and 2 just to be safe. Fraternities have cocktails and fancy things too so having some options is key. Like I've said though, and will continue to reiterate- YOU END UP BORROWING ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS CLOTHING. 
    • A nice pencil skirt + blazer- some classes have you dress up for speeches and presentations, plus, greek life = themed parties. Such as librarians and barbarians for example. Also, you'll want to have something semi business like for potential interviews for positions on campus, internships, etc.
  • Casual clothing
    • THREE pairs of jeans- Honestly I stick to 2 of my favorite pair. 
    • Your FAVORITE  dressy tops- I'm talking loved-the-second-you-saw-them-can't-live-without-them-mind-blowingly-cute-tops. I bought an amazing grey piko and black long-sleeved top that I wore out interchangeably every weekend in January with different jewelry and cardigans. You don't need as much as you think. You DON'T need as much as you think. 
    • FOUR/FIVE pairs of shorts- highwaisted jean shorts, regular jean shorts, 2 colored pairs, and a patterned pair and you're good. 
    • TWO/THREE skirts/skorts- just a few will do. 
    • FIVE/SIX sundresses/casual dresses- gotta have them? Bring a few. Especially for GAMEDAYEEE.
    • ALL of the cardigans and flannels you own- why you ask? Because you can wear them over tshirts to class AND out on the weekends. Score :---)
    • Sweaters are hard..- I only wore my neutral tan & white sweaters. I also don't go to school in that too cold of an area. It's your judgement, but only bring your neutral faves. 
    • THREE/FOUR rompers/jumpsuits- I'm biased because I love them so much so I have like 10 at clemson currently if we're being honest. But, if you're more of a dress girl just bring more dresses! Or vice versa.
    • ALL of your leggings/sweats/comfy pants- Fall-spring it's all you'll wear to class and when you're hanging out on weekends. 
    • FIVE/SIX PAIRS of running shorts- unless you're super sporty unlike me!!
    • THREE Tshirts- UNLESS you DO NOT intend on joining a sorority. Greek life SHOWERS you with tshirts and you will never wear your high school ones. That's a promise.
    • As many workout clothes as applicable to your lifestyle. :---) Aka none for dev lol.
  • Shoes
    • FOUR pairs of sandals- neutrals are the most useful! Black, brown, your rainbow flip flops, & one statement pair are the way to go. I have worn my jack roger slides and rainbow flip flops to death.
    • ONE pair of flats- your fave neutral pair.
    • TWO pairs of boots- black and brown is da best.
    • TWO pair of booties- bring a pair you don't mind getting ruined (bc frat parties).
    • Rainboots- I usually wear my nikes in the rain, but it's whatever you prefer.
    • Cowboy boots- **if you're attending college in the south!
    • TWO pairs of closed toe heels- black & nude are the way to go! You absolutely DO NOT need more than 2 pairs... Take it from the girl who brought 11 pairs and brought 10 pairs back home over break.
    • ONE pair of slippers bc dorm bathroom floors are actually repulsive
    • TWO pairs running shoes- campus is quite the hike. You'll want some comfy options. Plus fun things like group kickboxing classes and weekend hikes. :)
    • Converse/vans/toms- Or 10 pair converse.. luh em.
    • TWO pair of wedges- neutrals, neutrals, neutrals.
  • Undies/bras
    • THREE/FOUR bras- I can count on one hand how many times I've worn a bra this semester.. it's either sticky boobs or a sports bra! You'll need a neutral bra, a strapless, & a cute one.. bc ya know. 
    • ONE pair of sticky boobs
    • ALL of your undies + MORE- You'll never wanna do laundry and you can avoid it as long as you have clean underwear. GET YOUR MOM TO BUY YOU AS MANY AS YOU CAN BEFORE COLLEGE.
    • ALL of your socks- they always go missing.. it's fine really.
  • Accessories
    • THREE/FOUR scarves- A couple chunky infinity scarfs are perfect for those colder days walking to class.
    • ALL of your hats- because rolling out of bed for your 8AM is most definitely a thing.
    • THREE statement necklaces- You'll only be wearing these on your nights out so choose accordingly!
    • ONE watch- Some classes have tests where it's hard to see a clock and a watch is they're v cute.
    • As many earrings/bracelets you deem necessary.
    • ONE big handbag
    • ONE tote bag
    • ONE wallet
    • ONE wristlet
    • ONE cross body
    • ONE carry on bag/small weekender bag for weekend trips
      • Different bags for different occasions are a necessity, but you don't need more than one of each! A big nice handbag will come in handy for those times you need something cute to fit a ton of stuff in. A tote serves its purpose for taking things home on break or for an overnight stay with a friend. A wallet is a necessity for not losing your ID card and cash/cards. A wristlet is perfect for a night out and a cross body is your best friend on game day or a nice dinner!

Things you need, things you might need, and things you can live without, below!

Things that'll become your lifeline-

  • A lap desk/tray table for homework
  • A laptop case 
  • Laptop sleeve (yes, it's different than a case!)
  • A vaccum (no they don't clean your room for you- sad reality)
  • A steamer (irons are too bulky. Steamers are like $20 at bed bath and beyond)
  • A stool for high shelves/closet cubbies/climbing into your lofted bed.
  • A clock that isn't your phone.
  • A stapler.
  • A 3 hole punch.
  • A printer because walking to the nearest one on campus when you forget to print something sucks. **I bought my HP one for $20 at walmart and it does its job. 
  • A nice water bottle that you can drag to class/the gym/everywhere that won't break with one drop. Got mine at Burlington for $3 and it's my fave.
  • A brita water filter bc there's something sketch about dorm water lol.
  • Blackout curtains so you don't wake up at 6am to sun rays streaming into your eyeballs after a successful night out. 
  • A lifetime supply of medicine. Your immune system WILL decide to hate you freshman year. Get cold medicine, advil, cough medicine, throat lozenges, and every other kind of medicine you've ever seen. Honestly. You'll go through it all. 
  • A body pillow to cuddle up with for the best naps you've ever had.
  • A shower caddy that's plastic and not a bag. You'll thank me when you see other people's molding. 
  • A keurig but I'm sure you already knew that. 
  • Tupperware and forks/knives/spoons (plastic)
  • A couple tumblers/cups
  • Dry shampoo because showering is overrated
  • A laundry basket that doesn't consume half of your room.
  • A HUGE TRASH CAN. You will produce more trash than you ever knew possible.
  • Extra phone charger, headphones, and cases.
  • Seat cushions for the less than impressive desk chair they provide you with.
  • Ethernet cable because campus wifi will never have your back.
  • HDMI cord because netflix nights with your best friends are definitely a thing. 
  • Travel sewing kit because one successful night you'll find your favorite shirt with a hole in the armpit.
  • A SUPER comfy bed topper because you'll be sleeping on it every night, duh.
  • A SUPER comfy futon because when you aren't sleeping you'll be napping.. on this.
  • Extra blankets for guests and friends. 
  • More clear storage bins than you ever imagined needing. 
  • A desk lamp because some nights you might need to stay up later than your roomie. 
  • All the gift cards you've failed to use. 
  • A plastic compartment jewelry holder that is on a hanger. 
  • TISSUES for days!!!
  • Metal/over the door holders. I had 4 hanging off of my lofted bed to hold bags and towels.
  • An umbrella because unfortunately they don't cancel class for rain. :---)

Things you might consider bringing-

  • Weird clothes for party themes. Fike at pike (gym theme) Alpha Chi Omerica (america theme) Chiochella (cochella theme) and lots of other themed greek events/parties tend to come up. Anything you can bring the better for these weird events! Even if you don't go greek you'll end up crashing/getting invited to a few. Some things I recommend-
    • high socks
    • bandanas 
    • white converse 
    • sports jerseys 
    • decade themed clothes 20's 80's etc.
    • anything america theme
    • a tacky Christmas sweater
  • Stamps and envelopes because sending your parents a birthday card becomes a thing when you don't live with them anymore and they're paying your tuition so just spend the $4 for a nice one.
  • Highlighter/sticky notes- not everyones cup of tea but they've come in handy for me.
  • A fan if you're afraid of the sucky/nonexistent temperature control in dorms. 
  • An area rug because the carpet/tile is gonna be gross I promise. 
  • A cooler because you'll probably have to paint one for a fraternity event. 
  • A full length mirror.. some schools have them in the hallways but having one in your room doesn't hurt. 
  • A robe/wrap towel because regular towels are so 1999. 
  • Travel coffee mugs because most of the time you just grab one on the go or chug one when you wake up. 
  • Hand sanitizer + lysol wipes + vitamin C because at some point everyone you know will be sick during  the biggest test week of your semester besides finals. And when you're living near people that are sick you're almost guaranteed to catch it.
  • Safety pins and tape because things break and no one knows how to fix them.
  • Batteries for your remote, calculator etc.
  • Ziploc bags for snacks and things that you open and need a place for. 
  • Phone case that holds your ID card/debit card because you use it every waking second of your college life. 

Things you can live without-

  • Closet compacters- I thought I needed all of these contraptions to make all of my clothes squeeze into my closet.. you don't. 
  • A dorm trunk.. you already have no room and now you want to put a huge piece of furniture in your room too?
  • A safe. Lock your door or leave it at home.
  • Binders- it's college. You take notes on your laptop or in one huge notebook.
  • A really cool chair for extra seating- sitting on the floor is totally a thing, as long as you have a cool rug.
  • A million pictures of your BFFs from high school. You'll remember them, and you'll rarely glance at your pictures.
  • Mini tool kit.. drill into the wall and you'll owe the school at least $10 per hole.
  • A lint brush if it's dirty just wash it again.
  • Your entire collection of nail polish. 
  • Portable speakers unless you want to be on your RA's hit list. 
  • Your super fancy handbags that cost more than this semester's books.
  • Drying rack because 1 you'll rarely want to do laundry and 2 a clothes hanger hanging off of almost anything in your room does the trick.
  • Candles because getting caught with them during fire inspections isn't worth it.
  • Your tablet. Seriously you think you're gonna have time to browse the web on your iPad?? No, just no. 
  • A whiteboard calendar, as long as you have some form of calendar/agenda you're good to go.
  • Your collection of DVD's because Netflix is all you'll ever watch. 
  • 2 sets of sheets.. wash your one pair. C'mon now. 
  • Your high school boyfriend. :) :) :) :)

I'd also recommend stocking up on toiletries and non perishable foods with your parents once they drop you off at college. Trust me when I say it sucks buying your own toothpaste and shampoo.

I hope this list helped clear a few items up for you.It's honestly all about your preferences and lifestyle at home! In the few months leading up to college, pay attention to the items you use on a daily basis. It'll make it so much easier when the time actually comes to pack up and go off to school. And just remember- things can be shipped or rebought if you forget something!

Do yourself a favor and start shopping NOW picking up some of these items. It'll make the sticker shock of collecting everything at once and last minute a thing of the past. Also, by summer EVERYONE is going to be shopping for dorm supplies AKA less of a selection for you.

MY recommended stores- (Avoid big stores like bed bath & beyond, target, kohl's etc. They are usually overpriced)

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Marshall's
  • Ross
  • Home Goods
  • BURLINGTON AND BIG LOTS. I got most of my stuff from these 2 places. They have a lot of selection and they are C-H-E-A-P.

PS. A special thanks to my clem friends for helping compile this list!!

Dev <3 

Monday, February 16, 2015

'tis the season for college acceptance letters

Eeeeeek, this part of the year is always so exciting. It's so awesome to see people to get into their dreams schools and realize their lives are finally taking off. That being said, some people know where they're meant to go to school and some just don't. It's harder when you add in distance, money, and family/friends into the equation in making the "big decision."

There's a lot to think about and more than that a lot to OVER think about. So here's my story, about how I ended up at Clemson and how an over thinker, like me, finally made the "big decision."

Virginia has great schools. And when I say great I mean it, they're nationally accredited prestigious institutions. UVA, Virginia Tech, and William and Mary come to mind first- and I visited them. Each and every one also including James Madison University. To me, picking a college was like picking a wedding dress- I felt like I was just supposed to know, that I was just supposed to have a gut feeling about it. And I did get that feeling, it just happened to be 2 states away at a place called Clemson University.

I was just a sophomore in high school when I visited Clemson for the first time. I wanted to be a pharmacist (at that time.. not sure what I was thinking looking back) and Clemson has an accelerated top notch program for pharmacy- so in the long run with less time spent in school I would make out financially. I fell in love with the southern charm across campus. Students said hi and "go tigers" as we passed them. Bowman field was as gorgeous as ever that day, crisp green with a furry of students tanning and playing sports. Tillman hall peeked over a tree in the background with an impressive bell tower covered in gorgeous brick. The town is small, and Clemson was definitely it's own college bubble. I wanted a big school with a small town feeling with greek life, a good reputation academically, study abroad opportunities, and a spirited fan base for sports. Clemson provided all of that. At the time, at just 15 I had NO idea that that's why I wanted to go to Clemson. All I knew is it felt right, and that I and to go with my gut.

After that I visited other colleges in Virginia as well as in both of the Carolinas. Nothing hit me the way Clemson did. I remember in particular forcing myself to like JMU. I had to apply to colleges in Virginia, I'd gotten cold feet towards the end of my junior year about Clemson (although I never mentioned it) so I needed backups and made JMU my top pick.

Senior year started and the acceptance letters started rolling in. I got in to some great schools including JMU, Virginia Tech, & UNCW but when I opened the letters there was no sense of excitement. And by the end of getting my letters (I applied to an obnoxious amount of schools) I wasn't even excited to open them. I still hadn't heard from Clemson. I was only worried about one letter, one day, and one school- my acceptance/rejection letter on February 15th from Clemson University.

So, a year ago today I sat and waited for my mail to come. I got home at 3pm & the mail ran at 6:30. In my mind that day it'd run early, but it didn't. And I sat in the front room of my house and peered out the window for a grueling 3 and a half hours. The month of February was one of the worst months of my life. Everyone in my high school knew I wanted to go to Clemson so they asked, daily, if I had gotten in. And every day I replied "February 15th." The days winded down and by the end I just felt like tattooing "February 15th" on my forehead. All I could imagine was not getting into Clemson and walking those halls having everyone ask me if I got in, and having to say no. Promptly at 6:30 the mail came. I walked at first to the mailbox but by the end I was in a full blown sprint, and if there's one thing you should know about me it's that I DO NOT run. I knew that a small envelope was rejection but a big packet meant gold- so I opened the mailbox and a big packet was exactly what I saw.

My excitement was all consuming and overwhelming. I cried with relief and joy- I worked so hard for this moment and in that second everything paid off.

The second after, I instagrammed it and wore my favorite Clemson tshirt to school the next day.

The feeling from getting in was amazing, but shortly reality set in and I was forced with a painful dilemma. Clemson my dream school seemed like just that- a dream. 8 hours away from my friends and family with the sticker shock of out of state tuition I didn't know if I was prepared for this big change in my life.

A lot of people ask their friends and family what to do about college but I definitely stuck to myself. It's not surprising- I'm obnoxiously independent and I'm so glad I didn't let anyone else influence my opinion. I was terrified to move so far away. I'd lived in Fredericksburg, Virginia my entire life, lived in the same house, and was surrounded by the same people. But, I started to realize that college wasn't meant to be high school 2.0. You've had 4 years with these people and they're all going to go off and go to their own schools too. You can't be held back by your fear because at the end of the day the only person attending the college you pick will be you.

I made this blog today because I want everyone getting these letters to know that fear is normal. It's normal to be scared about this big change- even when you get into your dream school. But college is different, college isn't high school. And you need to go somewhere you'll be excited to go back to after break not somewhere you're dying to leave.

For me, the choice was Clemson and it was pretty crystal clear to me after my initial fear of change. Everyone's different and leaving your comfort zone definitely isn't for anyone. But, sometimes you just don't know what you want and thats okay. And sometimes you absolutely do.

Best of luck in your college decision making!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

black tie & anything but basic

With sorority formals and prom quickly approaching the race is on to fit the perfect dress. After buying for 2 proms and 2 semi formals along with 4 homecomings and 1 sorority formal I have finally mastered the art of finding affordable and flattering dresses. My secret is simple- you just have to know where to look!

Another important part of prom season is to keep an open mind. I know that might sound pretty basic and like common sense but trust me it's the most useful thing you can do. My junior year I was convinced I would never have an open back dress, or a white prom dress, or a printed prom dress. And then I ended up getting all 3 in combination.. after paying for a few over priced dresses I've finally come to terms with the fact that if you dont want to break the bank for your formal event online shopping is your best bet.

I've pulled some of my top picks for this formal/prom season. All the dresses are sorted by price range most ranging from $50-150 and none topping $250. There's no reason to spend more than $250 on a dress you'll wear once!

This is my go to site for just about anything. While they don't carry prom dresses they do carry formal maxi dresses aka prom/formal dresses in disguise.

My top pick is this stunning printed dress. At $179 it's affordable and versatile enough that you could rewear it on a fancy beach date or to a summer wedding. the cutout back and chiffon-like material makes it dressy enough yet still chic and trendy! Pair this with simple gold earrings, a pink lip, & nude pumps for a complete look.

Next up is this amazing lace maxi! At just $69 this dress is a great option. **only M & L available
Pair with simple pearls or black earrings and nude or black pumps for a complete look.  

Want some color this prom/formal season?? This gorgeous yellow dress is a perfect match for you! At $49 it's a steal! Pair with turquoise earrings and gold pumps for a complete look.

If you're looking for something extremely versatile and guaranteed to be reworn this dress was made for you. With approximately FOUR different ways to be retied and worn and SIX different color options this dress is a home run. Especially at just $68!!! And ALL FIVE STAR REVIEWS! Sizes and quantities are limited so scoop this while you can! Pair this with just about anything you want- the solid colors make it your canvas!

If you want to opt for a neutral look go with this stunning blush lace/metallic dress! At $47 this dress will wow the crowd! Pair this with simple pearl earrings and nude or burgundy pumps for a complete look. 

Last but definitely not least by any means is this pretty coral lace gown! At $137 it doesn't break the bank and adds a pop of color! Only sizes 4 & 6 available** Pair this with turquoise earrings and nude or gold pumps for the perfect look. 

Heart Swoon Boutique 

My top pick is this electric blue stunning gown at just $79! Only medium size available** Pair this with nude/gold pumps and simple earrings for the perfect look.

First up is this killer lace gray cutout gown! At just $59 it's a great deal! Pair this with blush/pink pumps and simple gold earrings for the perfect look. 

Want to be different and stun everyone with a killer short dress? This off the shoulder sequin option is sure to do the trick at $99. Pair with metallic/nude heels, a burgundy lip, beaded clutch, & gold hoops for the perfect look. 

Be a stunner in this twisted high neck burgundy dress for just $42.90! Complete the look with light pink lips, simple gold statement earrings, and black pumps.

Want a more subtle look? Go for this pretty blush sweetheart neckline dress for just $149! Keep it simple with a simple gold clutch, pearl drop earrings, & nude heels. 

Wow the crowd with this amazing high neck lace navy dress for $130! Accessorize with pearl studs, a low sweeping bun, & nude heels.

Turn up the heat in this plunging black sequin dress for only $79! Add a pop of color with red heels, a red lip, & soft curls!

Dainty hooligan

Keep it simple without dulling your sparkle in this gold dress for just $70! Add a pop of color with red drop earrings and nude heels. 

Spice things up with this red cutout formal dress for $53!! Stay simple and let the dress be the focus by pairing it with simple black pumps and gold pave drop earrings. 

Step up your glam factor with this sparkly backless stunner for $130! Complete the look with a simple black clutch, strappy black heels, and along with a red lip.

I hope you enjoyed these dresses and looks I put together! You definitely don't have to spend a fortune for a stunning look or a stunning dress. 


Just for fun here are my junior and senior prom dresses along with links to look a likes if you fall head over heels with mine! 

I absolutely loved my floral Dave & Johnny prom dress. I used to hate printed dresses but this one changed my mind. I think white prom dresses are so crisp and chic. Find a similar dress here for $199! (PS I'm actually obsessed with this dress I liked to!)

My senior year I went with a blue high neck detailed jersey knit dress. It was this MOST comfortable dress I've ever worn and I loved it! Find the exact dress here and a similar one here

Best of luck on your search for the perfect prom/formal dress! Email me for help finding a dress in your price range or for help completing your look. I'm always happy to help!