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Thursday, April 30, 2015

What's the rush? Sorority rush 101

Pretty sure I've never heard, "So what do I wear?" more in my life than during rush week. Rush is one of the most exciting and unexplainable experiences you'll go through in college if you do choose to go greek. While clothes aren't everything, you'll want to look presentable and dress the part. Rush is different at every school so make sure to double check, but generally the clothing gets dressier with each round. The most noticeable change in "fanciness" is between rounds 2 and 3. I'd highly suggest wearing wedges/heels after the second round. Some schools give out a universal tshirt that all girls rushing wear their first round to keep things more fair in the rush process. Like I said, it just depends, but this guide should give you a good idea of what each round is like (clothing wise!)

Before going out and dropping HUNDREDS of dollars on new rush outfits really go through your closet first. Is there a pair of heels that are super comfy that you already have? What about your favorite necklace and that fancy Kate Spade bag you got for Christmas? Or your favorite dress you wore to your cousins wedding? Don't think everything has to be new, more importantly it should be YOU. Your outfits should be a direct representation of you and your personal style. You're dressing for your future sisters- you want them to know exactly who you are!

Round one- casual clothing is best. Simple sandals and jewelry to compliment a statement short and casual shirt will do. Also, make sure to bring a big bag to stuff in snacks, extra comfy shoes, and a water bottle!

Round two- still casual, think going out to brunch with your family. Colorful/patterned pieces with a statement piece of jewelry is best. 

Round three- kick it up a notch, think award ceremony/banquet. A nice dress or romper with wedges and statement jewelry is perfect!

Round four- think cocktails with your girlfriends. A pretty dress (with dressy material, like chiffon) is best paired with pretty heels and glitzy jewelry.

Best of luck rushing! I know y'all will end up where you should be!

Check out my polyvore for more outfit inspo throughout the summer + ways to style your fave new trends! <3 

Dev <3 

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