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Sunday, January 24, 2016

the 411 on cold weather chic

Literally so sick of feeling like I look like this whenever I try to look cute + stylish + warm..

I've been trying to collect some more chic winter accessories that are versatile AND functional. The second part being so important because it's actually useless if you buy it to keep you warm and it doesn't... I've pulled together a few specific pieces I've grown to adore this winter season & linked to my faves!

Faux fur scarf Not only are these beauties SO warm, they're super trendy right now and chic! I also love them because they're generally not too pricey. I actually scored my Isaac Mizrahi burgundy faux fur snood for just $7 on clearance at Burlington!

Pom pom scarf Love these for when I'm not feelin' a faux fur scarf, but still want the same style element! Still warm and versatile to mix and match with cardigans, vests, & coats!

Leather gloves I CAN NOT express my love for these enough. I adore everything black + leather to begin with, but these beauties are so so so comfy, soft, and warm too! Plus, I love that mine have gold hardware instead of silver because it's super hard to find that on leather products. OK, but when I ordered mine there were sizes for gloves.. what the heck am I the only person thrown for a loop by this? I ordered both S/M and M/L and I consider myself to have average sized hands.. both fit well, but the S/M was a little more snug & felt more secure. I hate when leather looks too big- you can't hid e it!

Asos $31 (pssst these are the ones I have!) Love that these are real leather + text friendly!

Earmuffs My short hair gets consumed by hats, so I've started wearing earmuffs and absolutely love them! It's also nice that I don't get hat hair.. I scooped my Calvin Klein earmuffs for just $10 at Burlington!

A figure flattering coat Puffer jackets don't have to be repulsive! Belts are your friend when it comes to coats. Make sure to be careful with sizing- I sized up at H&M when I got my jacket so that I could layer sweaters and scarves underneath!

 I have to vouch for H&M.. they've really upped their quality in certain areas lately coats being one of them. Find my coat here it doesn't have a belt, but I was hooked on the black/black coat and faux fur collar. I got a size 6 and normally wear a size 4 in H&M. The 6 fit perfectly! My only complaint is that it doesn't have a hood, but I knew that going in.

So, there are my top picks for a more fab winter wardrobe! Which item is your fave?!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why I'm breaking up with Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is almost unrecognizable from its starting point. All my favorite characters are dead. Every potential 'bad thing' that could ever happen in someone's lifetime has happened to Meredith Grey (sometimes twice).. just waiting for a meteor shower now at this point because they've checked everything else off their tragedy list.

I've been dragged through 12 seasons now and I enjoyed the torture. Until Shonda Rimes decided Meredith needed to be attacked and released a 'teaser' of it on Youtube to rile up straggling fans. But for me, this was finally a turning point.

Here's why Grey's Anatomy's final death should be the show itself. 

  1. Meredith's depressed pity me phases always last a season or more. I'm so sick of her crying or complaining or all together pushing out everyone in her life. Yeah, she's been through a lot, but hasn't she realized by now that her life basically sucks and anything good will almost always end badly in the end? BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS. She's an ugly crier and it annoys me. 
  2. The only thing good about Meredith towards the end was Derek.. and he's DEAD. Seriously though, they're witty slightly mean flirting gave me life. I miss the sarcasm turned sweet sayings. I miss his fluffy hair. And most importantly I miss her being the means for Patrick Dempsey having an excuse to be shirtless bc hello irresistible DILF. 
  3. All of my spirit animals are gone/dead/both. Cristina Yang is possibly the best hyper exaggerated version of my that I ever had. Lexi was the quirky, nerdy, ultra sensitive side to everyone's personality that comes out once and awhile. George was the cutest and had the best intentions in bad situations.. which is probably why he didn't last long. As far as the interns whose names I don't remember, eh. I was so relieved when Erica Hahn (Callie's guide into lesbian land) got the boot because she was truly such a pain to watch... Teddy I want you back now please.. I know you're out there. Burke you can stay in wherever you are no one misses you. But, I really need Derek and Mark to somehow come back even if it's in the form of ghosts.
  4. They kill all the good patients too. Need I remind you of Denny Duquette. Or Teddy's almost husband (I forget his name because they killed him off so quickly.)

  6. Avery is stuck in a high school douche bag phase that I am 150% over. Stop bickering about religion with April!!!!! This is supposed to be a drama about hospitals and relationships, yet somehow it's turning into a forever struggle of April and Jackson's inability to see eye to eye on religion. Which probably pisses off half of the viewing audience in the process. 
  7. The Callie and Arizona drama is seriously so overdone at this point. They're going to get back together so just make them together and happy already because it's too annoying to keep going back and forth and frankly I don't even care anymore. 
  8. The fact that Meredith has a half sister that's Webber's daughter is just so unnecessary because she's not equipped to be Cristina's replacement. SERIOUSLY HEAD OF CARDIO WHY JUST WHY. That's Cristina's place... don't mess with it. 
  9. All the characters they create to replace the dead one's are subpar at best. I'm sorry but Amelia makes me want to slam my face into a wall. She's so selfish and damaged and like a worse annoying version of Meredith which I didn't even know was POSSIBLE. Seriously, they even kill off the stupid interns we FINALLY get to like and then boom dead. 
  10. McDreamy and McSteamy both kicked the bucked .. McDepressed. My favorite sexy dad duo is gone and I'm left with Jackson. Who is hot, but sorry not them and will never be. 
  11. I need Cristina back for her dry humor, abrasiveness, and all around bomb ass quotes.

  12. Everything that happened in the beginning episodes seems so irrelevant now because none of it matters. George dying? Irrelevant. Izzy leaving? Irrelevant. Meredith's mom dying? Irrelevant. The plane crash? Irrelevant. How about Mark's daughter getting knocked up? Or that Cristina never won the Harper Avery?
  13. They're going to break up Jo and Alex and you know it. 
  14. The fact that Burke lured Cristina to Switzerland makes me want to vomit. 
  15. The fact that Cristina never calls Meredith anymore makes me want to vomit x2.
So, you can feast your eyes on this new season and watch Meredith enter another dark phase that she'll never recover from. I'll hold on to the happy ish kinda funny episodes from seasons 1-9 that gave me life and made me have couch lock for days. 

I'll just wait around for the meteor to hit Seattle Grey and for this hole mess to finally end so all the Grey's fans can RIP without crying/having severe anxiety every episode. 


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dev knows best: sketchy site shopping 101

We've all seen those tempting ads and some have even fallen victim to the lure of ultra cheap sites based in Asia. 90% of the time those sites are SCAMS. People have frequently asked me if I've ever ordered from these sites/had luck with any... and to be honest I didn't really feel like getting my credit card info stolen or just getting something completely not what I ordered. But, I found a couple of legit looking sites and decided to give it a whirl.

These comments are 100% my opinion & I have NOT been paid or given merchandise in exchange for these remarks. 

First up, one day I was browsing eBay aka my favorite site ever & stumbled upon a cute dainty layered necklace. The auction was ending in 2 minutes and I got that aggressive 'I have to win this bid war against people I will never know' all too familiar feeling and bid (and won) before realizing the item was located in China.... yikes. I said sayonara to my $1.88 and kicked myself for not noticing something so blatant. Weeks passed & I randomly got a post office notification.. so I stopped by and low and behold there was my necklace. And it was.. in tact.. super cute.. and just as pictured. Nothing was wrong with it at all. Sure it was cheaply made, but you get what you pay for and I had pretty much expected to never even receive it.

Sites I've shopped from & the results!
eBay site #1
This is the first necklace I was talking about. I love love love it especially the little feather pendant on the bottom. It's lightweight, but doesn't feel plastic-y which is a high plus. Free shipping. Definitely would order from them again.
Overall: 5/5. Wait time 4-6 weeks. Price paid $1.88

eBay site #2
This site has a TON of kendra scott look alikes. I'm not usually about designer replicas, but I figured I'd at least give these a shot because SO cute. The white one is a little less quality than the brown. The chain is really yellow gold in person an the pendant is kinda plastic-y. But, the brown necklace is really nice.. the tassel is really thick and well made and the chain is a lot nicer. The pendant is also plastic-y again, but it doesn't bother me as much as the white. *They came with plastic coating on the pendants so make sure to peel it off!* I also ordered earrings and another long necklace, but haven't received either.. kinda bummed about that because it's been almost a month now and I ordered the brown after the other 2. It says on eBay the were delivered last week, but clearly they were not. I'm waiting a few days then contacting the seller about it. I received a confirmation and shipping email, but no tracking. Free shipping.
Overall: 3/5. Wait time 3-4 weeks. Price paid $3.05 for both necklaces pictured. 

Lookbook Store (you can also find them on eBay)
I ordered a cardigan and 2 piece sets from here before. The cardigan I waited for for about 6 weeks and never got it .. I emailed customer service and they said for some reason it had never sent. I got it in 2 weeks after that. It was surprisingly good quality and true to size, but I paid about $25 for it. The 2 piece sets were absolutely huge on me. They offered to exchange or refund them, but it was $10 to ship them back and I didn't want to deal with the hassle so I donated them. Aside from sizing, I've never had issues with the site or their items. I received a confirmation and shipping email, but no tracking. They also have an eBay page if the site sketches you out for some reason. Try to catch them when they have sales because they are AWESOME.
Overall: 4/5. Wait time 2-4 weeks. Price paid: $70 (for cardigan and 3 two piece sets)
So, here's my star studded advice-

  1. If you're taking the plunge into the scam ridden world of Asian based sites start with a SMALL order and take note of their practices.
    • Confirmation email?
    • Shipment email? (and do they filter to junk..)
    • Tracking number (THIS IS HUGE. This is how company's get away with you never 'receiving' your item because they can simply say it got lost.
    • Any notices/calls from your credit card company?
    • Customer service? In most cases do they even exist...
    • How long before you get your order
    • How the product matches the product picture/description
  2. Safer sites are located on eBay and accept Paypal. This way if you do get screwed at least you can file a claim and most likely get your money back.
  3. Realize most images are stolen from other brands and bloggers. So, don't expect it to look 100% like the picture. 
  4. Realize that reviews are almost always fake. It's super easy to make fake accounts and review yourself.. and if you're thinking that seems like too much effort, it is, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. 
  5. Realize you're getting what you pay for. It's going to be cheaply made.
  6. Common sense is key. If it's $1.88 it's not gold plated and you know it. 
  7. Try contacting the company beforehand to see if/how they respond to you. 
  8. If you get sucked into bid wars know when to stop. Filter the results on the seller's page to see auctions ending soonest- that way you're more likely to get the item at its cheapest. And you're buying cheap stuff so get it at it's bottom dollar. 
  9. Realize return policies really aren't a thing. 
  10. Sizing is beyond WEIRD. Some things are small enough for a child and some things are large enough to fit an elephant. Seriously.. it's a longshot at best. I've had a lot of luck with tops and dresses but no so much with bottoms and rompers (cheeky bottoms will never be in contrary to what Tumblr might think).
  11. Seriously stop thinking about buying the shoes. If sizing is weird and you know it.. why just why.
  12. If you're willing to bite the bullet, a lot of those super cute trendy pieces can be found on which is an Australian clothing site that's reasonably priced + offers free shipping for US orders!
Overall, it's your personal information and money you're risking. If you're a die hard bargain shopper like me it is DEFINITELY tempting and I get that completely. Just remember the hassle of dealing with getting a new credit card and filing a claim to get your money back if things go wrong. If you have a certain site you're wanting to order from feel free to email me at or text me for my personal opinion of the site!! By looking at the site, it's information, & decoding some online reviews I can usually give a decent opinion about it.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Trendcasting: boots 'n' bronzer

I'm so excited to feature my first guest blogger today! First, I'll be covering over the knee boots (my new obsession) and then move to bronzer with the help of Erin Bushman guest blogging. We had the best time collaborating on this so I hope y'all love it as much as we do!

Pinterest has been crawling with tall slouchy over the knee boots and it’s safe to say I’m hooked now too. I have to say I wasn’t too into the idea of them at first, but I love how versatile and chic they can make any outfit look. After seeing a few of my fave fashion bloggers rock them I decided I was down to try them out. I kept seeing the same suede over the knee boots with a little suede string tie in the back. I loved the slightly slouchy effect as well as rounded yet narrowed toe & medium block heel. I became 100% zeroed in on this style & there are SO many different kinds of over the knee boots y’all.. needless to say ya girl was overwhelmed. I began ‘liking’ and pretty much relentlessly stalking fashion bloggers (@thecourtneykerr for the most part) to scoop the over the knee boots I was after.

And then came the $800 price tag.. ouch. I prepared myself and my bank account for $100-300 and then I felt the life being ripped right from out of me. $800 for trendy Stuart Weitzman boots on a college students budget was just a complete no go (obvi). So, I turned my efforts into finding acceptable dupes for the boots. I knew the price tag would still be high if I wanted something good quality that was going to last. I made my budget $100 max.. and started the search for the perfect over the knee boots I had floating around in my head.

I started searching at my favorite go to sites including:,,,,, and and found some options. I ended up going into DSW just to get an idea if the style I had in my head was actually what looked best on me. It turned out that I found the Unisa $80 boots pictured at DSW and LOVE them.

BUT, there are SO many different styles of over the knee boots.. I thought I would cover some today + all the options I linked too have most sizes in stock and are all under $100!!

Going through the following options and really determining what you want will significantly help your search for the perfect over the knee boots.

Heel type-
There’s 3 main heel types for the heeled over the knee boots: stiletto, block, & chunky. Stiletto heeled boots are obviously the skinniest heel and chunky are obviously the thickest. My boots are a nice medium- block. I love the chunky heel look, but with my narrow build they just looked a little too bulky on me. As far as stiletto heel boots go, I love the look but I wanted to be more practical for my first pair.

Main materials will be suede, leather, and PU leather (fake leather). Suede is my personal favorite, but shows signs of wear faster. Neither suede nor leather does well in rain so make sure to be cautious and weather proof before wearing (so easy to do, just let dry overnight and use this spray!). The best part about PU leather is that the boots are cheaper and water resistant. But, they are typically going to be lower quality shoes.

The top of the collar of the boot will either be flat, asymmetrical, or fold over. I linked to an asymmetrical option below! Asymmetrical is a split collar look that some people like- just depends on personal preference.

Toe shape-
Rounded or pointy are the main options, however, mine are narrowed and are in between rounded and pointy. I also linked to a pair of peep toe boots below as well!

Hardware color-
Gold, silver, or that black silver color that’s becoming oh so popular lately.


Little details like the suede string on the back of the boots or exposed zipper detail are really just stylistic and depend on personal preference. Personally, I love the little suede string it just adds an extra touch.

Top row boots (L to R)-
Unisa $80 (pictured on me below!)

Bottom row boots (L to R)-

Here are a casual & dressy look I put together to feature my new bb's + all outfit details. 

Top: Tobi, Scarf: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: Guess, Watch: Akribos, Leggings: Banana Republic, Boots: Unisa (find them linked above!!)

Top: Tilly's, Skort: Express, Earrings: Guess, Watch: Akribos, Rings: Lulu's, Boots: Unisa (find them linked above!!)

Now on to bronzer!!! I adore makeup, but I'm definitely not the best at it! I was so excited when Erin reached out to collab.. she's so talented y'all. I loved how lightweight everything felt on and how she took my individual style and normal makeup routine into consideration!! Be sure to consider her for any event you need to look your best for. 

*hands it over to Erin B*

Hello beauties! My name is Erin Bushman and I am a free-lancing makeup artist who loves to make people feel absolutely gorgeous! My work includes brides, seniors, formals or proms, and any other special occasion or event. I have always been attracted to makeup ever since I was a little girl. I`ve always adored how makeup enhanced our natural features to make us look like supermodels.  

As a makeup artist, people are always asking me what products are good and how to create certain looks that coordinate best with their appearance. Well, I am here today to share some of my advice with you!  

Since it is winter and let`s be real here….. we`re pale. I`m even pale. Being pale is definitely something I hate the most, but so does everyone else. Luckily, makeup is a wonderful thing created to solve our pale people problems. Bronzer is the answer! Bronzer is the solution to everything; it can give you a tan appearance without actually having to go into the sun! Bronzer is a marvelous product, however, you can look like an orange oompa loompa if you do not apply it correctly. So, try to avoid that at all costs! 

 During the winter I use both cream and powder bronzers, but it depends on what look I`m going for that day. For my everyday bronzer, I typically use powder. If you normally have dry skin in the winter, I do NOT recommend you using a cream bronzer…. even if you`re contouring. If you have dry skin and use a cream bronzer, what will happen is the cream will start to crease and smear and basically you`ll look like a hot mess.  

You can use literally ANY bronzer, whether it`s high-end or even from the drugstore, it still gets the job done. My recommendations for high-end bronzers are: Bareminerals READY bronzer ($25), Too Faced Soleil Bronzer ($30), and Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer ($29). Yes, those price tags are not pretty and looking at them gives me a little heart attack too. Luckily, you can snag an inexpensive, good quality bronzer from your local drugstore. Here are some of my favsNYX Cosmetics Matte Bronzer ($8.99), Physician`s Formula Bronze Booster ($15.95), and last but not least Sonia Kashuk Bare Illuminating Bronzer ($12.99).  

When I apply my bronzer, I usually apply it with a buffing brush of any kind. I use my Ecotools domed bronzer brush ($9.99), seriously ya`ll this is the BEST bronzer brush ever. It applies the product so smoothly and evenly it gives you an airbrush appearance. Seriously ya`ll try it! On a side note, I HIGHLY recommend ectools. If you want good brushes, but don`t want to pay a lot of money then these brushes are for you! Anyways, I apply my bronzer with a buffing brush and start on my cheek where my earlobe is to the end of my nostril. I don’t like bringing my bronzer all the way to the mouth since it can appear streaky in certain lighting. I also put my bronzer on my temples, around the edges of my forehead, and on my neck. Bronzing your neck is exceedingly important! You don`t want your face and your neck to be two completely different colors.  

I hope this little bit of makeup advice helps you this winter. I would love to see your beauty looks if you use this and if you post on instagram tag me @beautybyerinbushmanIf you have any questions about products, advice, or want to book a session with me, please feel free to email me at Thanks again to the amazing, beautiful, and talented Devin for featuring me in her blog post this week. Looking forward to our future together. <3 

Thank y'all so much for reading today!! Please share if ya dig it. & if you need help finding the perfect boots for you/advice on what would be best for your style don't hesitate to email me at :)