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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dev dishes: How I got 5 brand name pieces for $68

BCBGeneration, LA Hearts, J. Crew, Matt Benson, & Zara just for $68.. that's right!

So here's everything all together: J. Crew black sandals, tan leather Matt Bernson flats, Zara mustard blouse, LA Hearts strappy tank. and BCBGenration black lace top.

And here's the retail pricing breakdown:

J. Crew sandals- $148
Matt Bernson flats- $134
BCBGeneration top- $88
LA Hearts tank- Retail price n/a, estimated at $20 based on LA Hearts prices.
Zara blouse- linked to top for sale on eBay. Retail price n/a, estimated at $49 based on Zara prices.

Retail grand total *drumroll* .. $439...... RIP my bank account ammirite? 

There's NO way I would ever pay that for 5 pieces of clothing. So here's the scoop on how I got all 5 of these pieces for 85% off retail.


This site acts as a women's resale site for brand new and gently used NAME BRANDS. When you sign up you get 40% off your first purchase. I savored this discount until I found a bunch of pieces I liked & went for it. All of my items were brand new and never worn. All of the items were in absolute MINT condition too.. now I'm completely hooked.

Here's the pricing breakdown of my order including the discount I received.

& here they are in action!
Zara blouse.

J.Crew sandals.

Matt Bernson leather flats.

Haven't had a chance to wear the other two tops, but I absolutely love them!

Some tips I have for shopping at this site-
  1. Go for the discounts/promotions and WAIT for them. After you use your 40% off your first order, wait for a promotion before ordering again. Often they'll have flash sales and promotions for holidays, not usually as good as 40%, but a lot of 20% promotions and 30% off as well.
  2. That being said, if you have to have it 100% will die with out it buy it RIGHT AWAY. Things go so fast on this site as you can imagine. So if you have to have it do not delay!!
  3. Make personal shops. At ThredUp, you can make "personal shops" that keep your favorite brands and sizes as well as categories in one place. So, if you're feeling boho, make a free people + anthropology + urban outfitters personal shop and add your size. Then the next time you go on ThredUp you can click on this personal shop and avoid the hassle of picking your fave brands and sizes all over again.
  4. Share with friends to get rewards! When your friend/family member makes their first order (from your shared link) you get $10 and so do they! It's a win win.
  5. Don't fall trap to the "OMG such a good brand at a cheap price." It's hard not to go crazy here and buy absolutely every good deal.. but everything is a good deal here and just remember that.
  6. FREE RETURNS! Whew, always a worry and hassle there. Also, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $70 and believe me that is not hard on this site!!
  7. Use the Find Your Fit site for brand names that will fit you best. That way you're almost guaranteed a good deal AND a good fit. Nothing better!!
  8. Shop on the site rather than the app. It's easy to sit around while you're waiting at the doctor's office or waiting for your food and scroll on the app. There's so much inventory that it is WAY simpler I found to shop on a laptop or desktop instead.
  9. BONUS you can sell TO this site as well! I've never taken advantage of this, but hope to soon.
  10. Shop for things you otherwise would be deterred from based on price on ThredUp. It's a great way to treat yourself to brands that are usually out of your price range!
  11. Even if you hate the thought of wearing someone else's "old" clothes, a lot of these items are actually brand new with tags!!!
I absolutely love love love this site and hope y'all give it a chance too! Go to my personal Facebook page for the $10 link so that y'all get $10 and I do as well!!


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