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Monday, January 4, 2016

Here's to the girl that always wears black

One day I looked into my closet and I swear it seemed like a black hole, the holy grail of black clothing, was staring back at me. Somehow, someway color has slowly been slipping out of my wardrobe. I go shopping and find myself drawn to neutrals and then from the neutrals to black.. and black only. Call it what you want- an obsession, a phase, a harmless preference, but I know I’ll never ever go back to a full fledged color infused wardrobe that resembles a 3 year olds coloring book. So the next time you find yourself being playfully harassed by your friends or family about your all black attack wardrobe, here’s some ammunition (of the word variety) to fire back.

     1.  Black matches everything, duh. The best part about black is that it matches everything without making you look like those awful matchy matchy outfit sets your mom used to make you wear from the Children’s Place. Maybe it's the lazy 5 more minutes of sleep college girl in me.. but I am so down for effortless matching. 

     2. Three words my friend: chic, versatile, & classic. If you buy a black trench today, chances are in 5 years it’ll still be just as on trend. And chances are 10 years down the road it’ll still stand as a staple. We get into these trendy ruts of electric blue & hues of mustard and wonder why we’re constantly re-buying and selling those “had to have pieces.” It’s always better to splurge on a classic staple than a trendy one-season wonder.

      3. Hello, skinny minny! One of the many endearing qualities about the color black is its ability to slim. Reason enough in itself if you ask me. So how is black the queen of concealing? Black and darker colors in general tend to draw attention to the face and feet elongating your body and pulling the eye away from any problem zones. Also, darker colors have mastered the art of concealing bulges and bumps.

      4. One closet, every season. Unlike pastels or deep jewel tones, black has the ability to adapt to each and every season. You’ll see a classic black skirt being worn in full fledged winter with knee high boots and then the same skirt in summer with a flowy top tucked in and sandals. There's really not a season that black isn't acceptable to wear during.. and that is music to my ears. The jackpot of basics? All black everything. 

     5.  All aboard the easy outfit train. Throwing an outfit together has never been easier.. black pants + black turtleneck knit + black booties & your ready for a casual shopping day or quick trip to the office. Looking stylish without seeming like you tried too hard is always a struggle. An all black outfit fixes this lil issue in a cinch!

      6. Gigi Hadid. If the 5 reasons above don’t turn you on to black, the idea of duping supermodel status just might. Supermodel Gigi Hadid has been sporting the chicest pairings of black basics recently. I’ll get back to you when they come out with a word for my level of obsession.

So, there you have it. 6 reasons that black clothing soothes the soul- in case you actually needed a reason ;)

Just for the fun of it I made some black inspired graphics!! Enjoy!

So for those of you who have ever thought “I’d buy it if it was in black” “I look a million times better in black” or “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” I feel ya girl. And aint nothing wrong with an ultra chic colorless wardrobe!!

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