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Sunday, January 24, 2016

the 411 on cold weather chic

Literally so sick of feeling like I look like this whenever I try to look cute + stylish + warm..

I've been trying to collect some more chic winter accessories that are versatile AND functional. The second part being so important because it's actually useless if you buy it to keep you warm and it doesn't... I've pulled together a few specific pieces I've grown to adore this winter season & linked to my faves!

Faux fur scarf Not only are these beauties SO warm, they're super trendy right now and chic! I also love them because they're generally not too pricey. I actually scored my Isaac Mizrahi burgundy faux fur snood for just $7 on clearance at Burlington!

Pom pom scarf Love these for when I'm not feelin' a faux fur scarf, but still want the same style element! Still warm and versatile to mix and match with cardigans, vests, & coats!

Leather gloves I CAN NOT express my love for these enough. I adore everything black + leather to begin with, but these beauties are so so so comfy, soft, and warm too! Plus, I love that mine have gold hardware instead of silver because it's super hard to find that on leather products. OK, but when I ordered mine there were sizes for gloves.. what the heck am I the only person thrown for a loop by this? I ordered both S/M and M/L and I consider myself to have average sized hands.. both fit well, but the S/M was a little more snug & felt more secure. I hate when leather looks too big- you can't hid e it!

Asos $31 (pssst these are the ones I have!) Love that these are real leather + text friendly!

Earmuffs My short hair gets consumed by hats, so I've started wearing earmuffs and absolutely love them! It's also nice that I don't get hat hair.. I scooped my Calvin Klein earmuffs for just $10 at Burlington!

A figure flattering coat Puffer jackets don't have to be repulsive! Belts are your friend when it comes to coats. Make sure to be careful with sizing- I sized up at H&M when I got my jacket so that I could layer sweaters and scarves underneath!

 I have to vouch for H&M.. they've really upped their quality in certain areas lately coats being one of them. Find my coat here it doesn't have a belt, but I was hooked on the black/black coat and faux fur collar. I got a size 6 and normally wear a size 4 in H&M. The 6 fit perfectly! My only complaint is that it doesn't have a hood, but I knew that going in.

So, there are my top picks for a more fab winter wardrobe! Which item is your fave?!


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